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Student Handbook - Each student is responsible for each of the policies and procedures contained in the Student Handbook.  This publication is reviewed annually and located on the FMU website.  Should students need an alternative format, the Dean of Students Office can provide a hard copy.

University Catalog - The catalog contains information about each academic program, academic procedures, policies, and resources.  This publicaton is reviewed annually and located on the FMU website.  Hard copies are also available. 

Events on Campus - Throughout the academic year, campus-wide and student organization programs are available to all enrolled students.  Admission to most events on campus are free unless the event is designated by a student group as a fund raiser or some of the events at the FMU Performing Arts Center in downtown Florence.  Students must represent their University issued student identification card in order to gain entrance. Student are expected to carry their ID cards with them at all times.

FMU Performing Arts Center - Located in downtown Florence, the Center provides a variety of events and serves as academic space for our students in the performing arts.  Though there are still many performing arts events on the main campus in the Hyman Fine Arts Center, the added exposure of our talented students by using the Performing Arts Center has greatly benefited FMU and the Florence community.

Griffin Athletic Complex - This state of the art facility serves as a home for our baseball, softball and soccer fields.  Built to also accommodate special events, this facility also has a lake, spacious plazas and a field house.  Please click on the link embedded in the name of the facility to see pictures.  The Griffin Athletic Complex is a beautiful addition to our campus.

The Patriot Newspaper -Winner of over 38 awards, the Patriot serves as a news resource for our students and alumni.  The patriot is a student run publication and therefore gives students an opportunity to learn about journalism, communication and connecting with the campus.  Patriot is delivered every two weeks.



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