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Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) is a coeducational program dedicated to developing college-educated men and women to serve in challenging positions of leadership, responsibility, and varied managerial positions both as officers in the U.S. Army and civilians in corporate America. Read More
The Army ROTC Scholarship Program awards four-, three-, and two-year scholarships to eligible students on a competitive basis. Nursing students who have qualified for placement in the advanced course may also apply for two-year scholarships. Students do not have to be enrolled in ROTC to apply for three-year and two-year scholarships. Read More
The Leadership Training Course (LTC) is for students who missed the first and second years of ROTC. LTC is attended during the summer between the sophomore and junior years of college for four weeks at Fort Knox, Ky. The purpose of LTC is to provide instruction in basic leadership and technical skills that will prepare you for your junior and senior years of ROTC. Read More
The ROTC program at FMU is led by Commissioned Officers in the United States Army. Read More
The Soldiers Creed contains the core beliefs and values of the American Army Soldier. Read More
Have a question about the Army ROTC program at FMU? Check this out. Read More
ROTC Alumni  - 

Alumni from the ROTC program at FMU can submit updates and read about their fellow alumni from the Patriot Company here.

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