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SGA Branches

During the Spring SGA Elections, the student body of Francis Marion University elected four peers to represent them as the executive officers of the Student Government Association.  The executive branch of the SGA is responsible for daily operations, meeting coordination, financial management, committee appointments, records, appointments, and other areas related to Student Government. 

The executive officers for the 2012-2013 academic year are:  

President - W.R. "Cody" Simpson III
Vice President - Jessica Wright
Treasurer - Flossie Brockington
Secretary - Libby Sims


The  Senate is the legislative body for the Student Government Association at Francis Marion University.  Elected by the student body, members of the Senate propose and consider legislation, serve on committees, provide representation for the general student body in the SGA, and approve expenditures of the SGA Awards fund. 

Students elected to the SGA Senate for the 2012-2013 academic year include:

Aaron Bennett
Scott Brown
Brittney Collier
Ernest Dupree
Charlie Ervin
Nicole Fulton
Zeb Freeman
Indigo Green
Shantequa Green
Preston Harris
Terrence  Jacobs
Dustin James
Tyler King
Jamal Lightbourne
Jackqueline Lowery
Rebecca Mims
Jayde Nelson
Brenna Robertson
Audriana Smith
Samuel Smoot
Rob Tallon
Demetrius Vaughn
Jazz Washington
Adrian Wilkins
Morgan Yarborough
An additional five seats are reserved for first year students to be filled in the Fall elections, which are held in September.  Anyone interested in running for a seat on the SGA Senate should come to an SGA meeting during the first few weeks of the Fall Semester or get a petition from the Office of Student Affairs, Smith University Center room 205.




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