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Student Health Services

Student Health Insurance

While FMU does not have a preferred insurance carrier, students may acquire insurance from the following vendors and services, depending upon their needs and requirements.  International Students are required to maintain certain levels of insurance coverage as indicated below.

General health insurance may be purchased through the national Health Insurance Marketplace at:  www.healthcare.gov .   Students should explore their options carefully as coverage, premiums, and eligibility varies.

International Student Health Insurance

Francis Marion requires all international students to carry health insurance for the duration of their stay which meets the below minimum requirements:

Students with a J-1 Visa

- At least $100k per person per accident/illness

- $25k for repatriation coverage

- $50k for medical evaluation coverage

- Medical deductible not to exceed $500 per accident/illness.

Students with a F-1 Visa

-  $100,000 or greater major medical benefit (per accident or injury).  

-  $25,000 repatriation benefit.

-  $50,000 medical evacuation benefit  (to his or her home country).

-  Medical deductible not to exceed $500 (per  accident or illness).


If an international student has insurance that meets these requirements, they must submit a copy of the policy coverage and proof of validity (in English).  Students may acquire insurance coverage from the following vendors:


Pearce and Pearce


U.S. Government Health Insurance Marketplace






US NetCare



Compass Benefits Group


The Harbour Group



HTH Worldwide


Last Published: April 19, 2016 12:00 PM
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