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Guidelines for Student Organizations

 Guidelines for Student Organizations:

FMU Student Organization Resource Guide and Policy Handbook

Each organization must attend a mandatory Student Organization Training held at the start of the Fall semster. This training prepares organizations for the upcoming school year, in regards to setting up events and fundrasiers. Prior to any on campus activity, each organization must have the appropritae registration forms submitted to the Dean of Students Office. Successfully following these steps grants each orgrantion eligibility for ratification by the Student Governing Association.

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in discipline seemed fit, by the the Dean of Students Office.

Each organization must file a list of its officers with the Dean of Students Office at least once a semester.  An up-to-date copy of the constitution and bylaws of each approved organization should also be filed.  It is the responsibility of each organization to ensure that changes are filed when they occur.  Organizations wishing to change their constitutions or effect changes in affiliation must submit these changes to the Dean of Students Office.  (A copy of the re-charting form is available at the bottom of this page)

Each student organization is expected to conduct its activities in such a manner as to reflect credit on the university. Students not in good standing with the University are not eligible for leadership opportunities, some intake & induction procedures, and selected extracurricular activities. 

Each organization is responsible to the Dean of Students Office for observances of all university rules and regulations. All registered student organizations must have seven (7) members to maintain campus registration.

An organization may utilize the university name in its title provided University sponsorship or endorsement is not implied or stated.  If used, only the titles Francis Marion University or FMU may be utilized.  The use is limited to the following examples:  The Francis Marion University Chapter of (Organization Name) or The (Organization Name) Club of Francis Marion University.

The tax exempt status of the university does not extend to student organizations.  To seek tax exempt status, organizations must follow local, state, and federal guidelines.  Under no circumstances are organizations allowed to utilize the university's federal tax identification number.

Subject to prior reservations, student organizations are eligible to use university facilities for meetings and other functions.  Reservation forms may be obtained from the Dean of Students Office.  Only elected officers or members designated in writing by the president of the organization are eligible to reserve space for an organization.

Each student organization shall submit an application for registration to the Dean of Students Office by the end of the fourth week of classes each Fall semester.  This application form is available in the Dean of Students Office or at the bottom of this page and must be completed fully for the organization to continue as officially recognized by the university.

It is the responsibility of the chief officer of each student organization to file an updated student organization report with the Dean of Students Office immediately after election of new officers, all of whom must have a minimum grade point average of 2.0.

Clubs and organizations are required to submit the names of one or two proposed advisors to the Dean of Students Office with the request for charter.  All advisors must be full-time members of the faculty or staff.

Names of proposed off-campus speakers are required on the space request form submitted to the Space Committee.  Even though an organization has received blanket approval for space on a regular basis, any off-campus speaker's name must be submitted two weeks in advance of the event on a separate request to the Dean of Students Office.

All meetings must be scheduled on the official university calendar, which is maintained in the Office of Business Affairs.  This calendar is necessary in order to ensure the efficient use of time and space as well as to provide adequate publicity for activities and events.  Forms for reserving time and space on the official university calendar may be obtained in the Office of Business Affairs and should be submitted in triplicate to the same office after approval by the appropriate official.

Because Francis Marion University does not provide financial support for campus organizations, such organizations are expected to rely upon their own membership to meet budgetary requirements.  Should an organization determine that a fundraising project is necessary or desirable, the steps indicated below must be followed:

  1. The project must be approved by the Dean of Students Office.

  2. A description and adequate justification of the project should be included so that a decision can be made concerning its appropriateness as a campus activity.

  3. The Fundraiser Form and Statement Report Statement must be completed. You may submit electronically or in person to the Dean of Students Office.

Student Organizations hosting a dance/party on campus must receive dance/party guidelines from the Dean of Students Office before the function will be approved.

Francis Marion University prohibits hazing of any student.  Respect for the rights, dignity, and integrity of others is essential for the well being of an academic community.  South Carolina law states:  It is unlawful for any person to intentionally or recklessly organize, promote, facilitate or engage in acts which cause or have a foreseeable potential for causing physical harm to any person with any student or fraternal organization (see Hazing Policy in Rights and Responsibilities section of your Student Handbook).


Student organizations are also subject to the Code of Student Conduct and all other university policies and procedures. 

Last Published: November 18, 2016 12:15 PM
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