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Student Organizations

Planning Events & Programs Responsibilities & Guidelines

Planning Events & Programs, Guidelines and Responsibilities


Pre-event responsibilities and guidelines:

Your organization advisor must approve and activity or meeting.

  1. Make sure that your event/meeting does not interfere with any major campus events already scheduled. This includes events scheduled by the University Programming Board and the Student Government Association.
  2. Request that your organization advisor check the space/event schedule to ensure the space you wish to use is available before you fill out a space request form.
  3. Remember no events can be scheduled after Reading Day towards the end of each semester!  No exceptions!
  4. All groups planning a Fundraiser Event must complete a Fundraiser Form and Statement Report Statement.


Campus space use policy:

Any use of University space by faculty and/or student organizations must be cleared with the University Space Committee. The representative of the group needing space at a particular time is asked to contact the Office of Business Affairs, check the University Space Calendar, and, if the calendar indicates that acceptable space is available at the particular time, file a Facilities Reservation Request. In normal circumstances when the using organization has allowed reasonable "lead time" in making the request, the Space Committee will act upon the request usually within a period of two weeks. Events are not approved if they are not listed on the University Space Calendar in the Stokes Administration Building. Students and faculty organizations are asked to make every effort to provide a minimum of two weeks notice for the scheduling of routine meetings or events. Two weeks or more notice should be given for events involving special preparation for off-campus persons.


Event Checklist:

It is always best to have a checklist before planning your event. You are a busy student and don't need the hassle of forgetting certain things.


Solicitation on Campus by Student Organizations:

Solicitation by persons not affiliated with the University is prohibited for non-invites. If you are accosted by a solicitor, please contact the Office of Public Safety so that they may be informed or the proper protocol be enforced and/or be escorted from the campus.



Though the University encourages student organizations to engage in fundraising activities, a degree of decorum must be used when conducting auctions. Francis Marion University does not promote, nor will it tolerate the auctioning or the sale of any human being, whether in jest or as an attempt to acquire funds. This includes date auctions, servant auctions, slave-for-a-day auctions or any combination thereof. If an auction is the fund raiser of choice, only items or services that have been purchased or donated by commercial agencies or reputable vendors are permitted.


Events Publicity:


Officially registered student organizations may utilize campus bulletin boards to advertise events. Organizations must follow the guidelines contained in the Literature Distribution Policy, located in your student handbook.

Special rules and regulations concerning posters, banners, and billboards for election purposes are distributed by the Election Commission Chairman when a candidate files. This permits use of additional areas during elections that are appropriate to our general standards of campus appearance.

Off-campus organizations may bring posters to be posted in the University Center to the Office of Student Development for approval. Other campus buildings are off limits for commercial advertisements. For details, refer to the Literature Distribution and Solicitation policies in the Rights and Responsibilities section of your FMU student handbook.

Campus Newspaper

Student organizations may submit information to the campus newspaper to advertise their events. Information should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event.

Bulletin Boards & Student Organization Boxes

Student organizations wishing to post notices on bulletin boards must follow the guidelines in the Literature Distribution Policy. Each officially registered student organization may receive an information box in the University Center. All mail sent to the student organization in care of the university will be placed in these boxes. Additionally, official notices from the university and the Student Government Association will be placed in these boxes. Student organizations are required to check these boxes and remove their mail at least once a week.

Computerized Sign Boards

Several visual communication signs are located on campus. Students are urged to check these daily for important announcements. Announcements that are pertaining to the university community should be submitted in writing to the Office of Communications Services. Forms may be obtained from campus distribution boxes or from the Office of Communication Services.

Mass Media

Advertisements and announcements to the mass media about events that are open to the public should be coordinated through the Office of Communications Services (see Public Information section in your student handbook).

Please see your student handbook for the full guidelines on solicitation.


Guidelines for Dances/Large Events:

The following guidelines must be adhered to by all clubs and organizations sponsoring an event in the Smith University Center and other areas of campus as determined appropriate by the Office of Student Affairs. All paperwork must be completed at least two (2) weeks prior to the event. Failure to complete and submit paperwork will result in the cancellation of the event. A Large Event Planning Packet is available in the Office of Student Affairs (Smith University Center, room 205) and should be used in planning dances, cookouts, parties, or other major events to be held on campus by student organizations.

  1. Advertisement of the event will be limited to Francis Marion University campus only. Guests will be invited by personal invitation. All clubs and organizations are responsible for the actions of all guests.
  2. Students must present a valid Francis Marion University I.D. Card to enter the event.
  3. A sign-in sheet must be maintained by the sponsoring organization. (All sign-in sheets must be turned into the Office of Student Affairs at the conclusion of the event).
  4. Each FMU student will be allowed to sign-in his/her guest and one additional couple, all of whom must present picture identification (driver's license, university ID).
  5. No guest under the age of 18 will be admitted to the event.
  6. The maximum number of people allowed at an event is 450. Crowd control is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization. A detailed plan for crowd control must be submitted, along with the names of those students responsible for crowd control, with the Space Request.
  7. The organization president, advisor, and crowd control designees should introduce themselves to the University Center employee working during the event prior to the start of the event.
  8. Setup and cleanup of the University Center and obvious trash in the parking lot, which may be the result of the event, are the responsibility of the sponsoring organization. Organizations not adhering to this rule may not be allowed to hold future events.
  9. Controlled substances such as alcoholic beverages and other drugs must not be served nor allowed into the Smith University Center or exterior spaces except under special circumstances. Anyone violating South Carolina law will be dealt with in accordance with state law and university regulations.
  10. Upstairs areas are off limits during the event and should be monitored by the sponsoring organizations.
  11. The organization's faculty/staff advisor must be in attendance throughout the entire time of the event. The advisor must sign the Space Request.
  12. Security is required at all large events sponsored by student organizations in the University Center. Campus Police, when checking the facility, must be able to identify the sponsor of the event. Either name-tags, t-shirts, etc. should be worn.
  13. If an additional police presence is required, the sponsoring organization will coordinate through the Campus Police for use of off-duty certified police officers and pay for their services. This requirement will be included on the Space Request.
  14. Any additional expense incurred by the university as a result of the event, such as damages, additional cleaning costs, etc. will be the responsibility of the sponsoring organization, whether the cost is a result of member or guest behavior.
  15. If any of these guidelines are not followed, the offending organization(s) will lose all privileges to the University Center.
  16. Failure to adhere to any of these guidelines will result in the offending organization(s) being subject to disciplinary action as appropriate.


Organizations using events as fund-raisers must donate within 10 days following the event $100 to their scholarship fund to avoid charges for facility usage.


Dances may occur during the following hours:

  • Monday - Thursday, 8pm-midnight
  • Friday and Saturday, 8pm-1am
Last Published: November 18, 2016 12:19 PM
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