July 22, 2019

10 tips to learn how to bet correctly

10 tips to learn how to bet correctly

Do you like sports? Bet Now at Kenyan bookmaker Mcheza – with best bonuses and promotions. Do you want your hobby to bring more income? Then you can try to earn bets on sports events. And will help in this 10 simple rules for beginners.

  1. At the very beginning, you should determine what the stakes are for you. If winning for you is not the goal itself, then further reading the article makes no sense. But if sports betting is a way of enrichment for you, then you need to treat them as work.

For this purpose it is necessary:

  • develop your own or use ready-made game strategies (passive-bet on the most likely event, aggressive-bet on a controversial match);
  • determine your game Bank (how much money you are willing to spend on bets, how much you want to make bets, what size of bets will suit you, so as not to go bankrupt immediately);
  • be constantly aware of the events of the sport on which you have decided to bet your money.
  1. Eliminate the word “sure thing”from the lexicon. How can you be 100% sure about betting in such an unpredictable field as sports? In addition, this forecast is likely based only on the coefficients. It is unlikely that your game needs such a risk that does not fit into the overall strategy of making a profit. Such a bet, of course, gives the probability of winning, but the bet on the favorite usually has a small coefficient (1,1-1,4), and this is too slow an increase in capital.
  2. You should also make it a rule to play only in large bookmakers, because the larger the office, the more it values its reputation. Therefore, first make inquiries, how much there is an office, what reviews are left about it, and only after that make bets. Here are a few names of major bookmakers: Pinnaclesports, Bet365, Bwin, Betfair, WilliamHill, Unibet, Sportingbet, Planetofbets, Pari-match, 10Bet.

When you see the high odds offered by small offices, remember that free cheese is only in mousetraps. Is there any guarantee that tomorrow they will not evaporate with your money?

  1. Also, you should not bet on clear favorites, because the coefficient is low, and they can play in a draw and even lose, there are many such examples. But the funny thing is, these bets are the most popular among the players. If suddenly you still decided to do it, do not make a big bet on the victory of the favorite.

Because of this, you can lose a rather large amount, and in order not to go into the negative and win back the lost money, you will need to bet and win several times in a row. To prevent this from happening, try to bet on the total coefficient (bet on the total number of goals scored), handicap (difference in goals scored) or the exact score.

  1. Do not make Express bets. These are bets that include several outcomes, the coefficients of which are multiplied among themselves. But the bet does not win if even one event is not played, so the higher the final coefficient, the more events there are and the higher the risk of losing.

But if we all decide to try to put the Express, then try to choose a chain of no more than 2-3 events in which the coefficient not higher than 2. Pick up such events will not be easy, you need experience and knowledge, so the advice for beginners-put the residents.

  1. Everyone has this, when luck turns to face you and all your bets win, at such a time you need to continue to play until you are lucky, but when a couple of bets have not played-to be able to stop, so as not to lose the Bank and not go bankrupt. This is not easy to do, because at such moments the mind goes by the wayside, and emotions control a person. “Now I will trample again, now I will win and I will return everything that I lost” is the beginning of a big loss because you begin to increase rates with hope to recoup, and again and again you lose. So the whole Bank goes to nothing, and you are left with nothing.
  2. It is always necessary to follow the chosen strategy, calculated in advance, with a certain degree of probability. In it, you have already determined for yourself the size of each bet (about 1-3% of the total amount of the pot, so the loss will not hit your budget much), the number of different bets per week, how many single and how many Express bets you need to make to increase income. If you start to deviate from the strategy that you have chosen, it will be the beginning of the path to bankruptcy. And make it a rule not to raise your fixed rate by more than a few points. This will also help not to come soon to bankruptcy.
  3. Also, you should not make your bets out of personal attachments to any teams and athletes. They should have nothing to do with your future profits. After all, if you put on your favorite football team, and it is now not the best times, someone was injured, someone decided to save the coach and left in reserve, someone just not in shape. This can easily trigger the loss of the entire pot. And if you bet on the opponent and win, then the next game of your favorites will be able to go to the stadium and cheer for them live, thus proving your love and devotion to the team.
  4. As in any work, making your bets, you need to be aware of events. You can not just at the behest of the heart to come and put on someone ” hand laid.” You need to start to conduct research, read reviews, forecasts of experts. The best way to help in this can be the Internet, here in addition to articles, you can also review all the games of the team or athlete to see in what form they are, how they feel. Spend a little of your personal time analyzing the situation in a particular sport, and only then make a bet. This will help to avoid unnecessary costs.
  5. The most important thing is never to forget that life without bets exists. Do not change bets on family, children, parents, friends. These people will always support you, even if you have suffered a setback, will be there and help you through any difficulties.