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The Advising Division of CASA stands in accordance with FMU’s mission to promote student learning and success, and works to positively impact student persistence and retention.

CASA Advising works with first-year students to ease the transition from high school to university life. A staff of friendly and knowledgeable advisors work closely with first-year students to provide assistance in choosing majors, finding career paths, selecting courses, and exercising habits that lead to academic success. The advising team is dedicated to supporting students and connecting them to resources that will help them be successful during their academic careers at FMU.

CASA advisors also provide counseling for probationary students and answer general questions for students and faculty about course registration, majors and minors, study skills, time management, career guidance, and more.

CASA Advising Services

In the realm of academic counseling, advisors assist students with the following:

  • Understanding major and degree requirements;
  • Interpreting the degree audit to help with degree planning and tracking academic process;
  • Selecting courses and creating a plan of study for majors;
  • Informing students about university policies, procedures, and deadlines;
  • Reinforcing study habits and time-management skills.

Advisors refer students to a variety of academic, student support, and personal services:


Student Support


Advisors also connect students to special learning opportunities such as the Study Abroad Program.

Educational programming supplements the work of professional advisors by offering alternative services outside of traditional in-office advising.

Types of programming:

  • Majors Fair
  • Podcast Tutorials
  • Social Media
  • Student Success Workshops

Student Resources

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How do I know who my academic advisor is?

Check your degree audit. Your advisor’s name will be listed there.

Do I have to meet with my academic advisor?

Yes. In order to register for your classes, you need to meet with your advisor. In addition, your advisor is friendly and has a lot of great tips for you!

How do I set up meetings with my academic advisor?

If you are assigned to a CASA advisor, you can book your appointments through our website. Click on the link under your advisor’s profile below. If you are assigned to an advisor in an academic department, we suggest you call or email your advisor to book an appointment.

Can I register for classes without meeting with my academic advisor?

No. You need to meet with your academic advisor to be cleared to register for your classes.

How do I register for classes?

Click here for instructions on how to register for your classes.

Where do I find my class schedule?

You can check your class schedule through Swampfox Web. Click on “Review/Print Your Schedule.”

Who do I go to if I'm having trouble with my classes?

You should talk to your advisor about any difficulties you’re having. You can also talk to your professors to get extra help with your classes. The Writing Center and Tutoring Center are also great resources for extra help.

How do I withdraw from a class?

You should talk to your advisor about whether you should withdraw from your class and, if so, how to do it.

Do I have to take all of the General Education courses?

Yes. You cannot graduate from FMU without completing your general education requirements.

How do I find my GPA? How do I calculate my GPA?

You can find your GPA on your degree audit. You can also visit the GPA Calculator on the Financial Assistance webpage.

What do I do if I want to change my major?

If you are assigned to a CASA advisor, please make an appointment to discuss your major change. If you are assigned to an advisor in an academic department, visit the academic department of the new major you would like to switch to.

How do I decide which major to choose?

There are several steps you can take. Talk to professors in courses that have interested you to learn about the major and associated career paths. You can also talk with Dr. Ronald Miller in Career Development to complete a career inventory and discuss the major and career options that might be right for you. Your advisor can also help you think about the courses that would prepare you for your future career.

How do I declare a minor or collateral?

Your advisor can help you declare your minor or collaterals.

What scholarships are available?

You should check with Financial Assistance about your eligibility for HOPE or LIFE scholarships, Palmetto Fellows, and other opportunities.

I have credits from another college. How do I know if my credits transferred?

You can check your degree audit to ensure that your transferred courses have been entered into FMU’s system.

Meet the Advisors

Dr. Jennifer Kunka
Associate Provost for Advising and Professor of English

A native of Wisconsin, Dr. Kunka earned her B.A. and M.A. from Marquette University and her Ph.D. in English from Purdue University. Prior to her current position with CASA, Dr. Kunka served for 15 years as Director of the FMU Writing Center and has taught a variety of composition, professional writing, and literature classes for the FMU English Department. She enjoys working with FMU students and providing them with guidance on majors, classes, study skills, and more.

Fun fact: If you visit her office, you will see pictures of her two adorable dogs, Sherlock and Watson!

Contact Dr. Kunka

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Kunka

Devin Cribb, M.Ed.
Advising Director

Devin has been a part of the FMU family since 2004, serving in various roles such as student, sorority advisor, and employee. A native of Florence, SC, she attended FMU for both her bachelor and master degrees. She received her B.A. in Mass Communication (Public Relations track, minor in Business Administration) in 2008 and her M.Ed. in Instructional Accommodation in 2015. Currently, she is pursuing her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from the University of New England.

Prior to her current role with CASA, Devin was the Student Services Coordinator for the FMU Nursing Program for five and a half years. She has a special place in her heart for the FMU community and enjoys working with students to help them plan for their futures.

Fun fact: Devin made an April the Giraffe video once that went viral on Facebook – 9.1 million views and climbing!


Contact Devin

Schedule an Appointment with Devin

Tina Dupree, M.Ed.
Advising Director

Tina lives in Florence, SC. She earned her B.S. degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology from FMU in 1996 and her M.Ed. in Higher Education from Columbia College in 2014.

Before joining the CASA team, she served as the Recruitment Coordinator for the Adult Degree Program at Coker College and served in various roles at Florence Darlington Technical College in the Student Services Department. She has a passion for helping students achieve their educational goals, and she is elated to assist students at FMU with their academic success.

Fun Fact: Tina likes event planning!

Contact Tina

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Kelsi Harper Camak, M.S., LPC
Associate Advising Director

Kelsi earned her B.S. degree in Psychology with collaterals in Biology and Political Science from FMU in 2011. She earned her M.S. degree in Clinical Psychology from FMU in 2013. In addition to serving as the Associate Advising Director, Kelsi also teaches psychology courses at FMU.

Before joining the CASA team, Kelsi served as a Mental Health Counselor at Pee Dee Mental Health. She enjoys helping students transition into being independent and successful in college. She also enjoys traveling, going to concerts, and exercising.

Fun Fact: Kelsi has a goldendoodle named Pavlov. (Does the name ring a bell?)

Contact Kelsi

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Tiara Felder, B.A.
Academic Advisor

Tiara is an FMU alumna who graduated in 2014 with a B.A. in English-Professional Writing. During her undergraduate career, she served students in many roles including Writing Center Consultant, English Lab Tutor, Student Marshal, and Resident Assistant. After graduating, she began a career as a Special Educator with Teach for America in Florence, SC. Currently, she is pursuing her M.S. in Applied Psychology at FMU with plans to continue to receive a Specialist degree in School Psychology.

In the future, Tiara plans to continue supporting students in their academic growth as a School Psychologist. She is passionate about education equity and plans to work in education in South Carolina for the duration of her professional career.

Fun Fact: When Tiara was 4 years old, a dolphin saved her from drowning!

Contact Tiara

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Courtney Nichols, B.S.
Academic Advisor

A native of Florence, SC, Courtney is an FMU alumna who graduated in 2017 with a B.S. in Psychology. Her undergraduate experience at FMU and her passion for psychology inspired her to further her education to a Master’s degree. Currently, she is pursuing her M.S. in Applied Psychology and Specialist in School Psychology degrees here at FMU.

In the future, Courtney plans to work in the education system, serving as an advocate for children and their rights to equal education opportunities. She hopes to one day bring positive changes to the lives of many through her career as a School Psychologist.

Fun fact: Courtney has two Australian Shepherds, Tennyson and Tilly, who are guaranteed to make you smile!


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