Francis Marion University
President’s Board Room, Stokes Administration Building
Friday, August 7, 2009 – 11:02 am –11:37 am

Mr. William W. Coleman, Jr., Chairman

Mr. Bradley R. Boles
Mr. T. Hal Campbell
Mrs. Laura S. Crowther
Dr. H. Randall Dozier
Mr. L. Franklin Elmore
Mr. Edward S. Ervin, III, Member Emeritus
Mrs. Patricia C. Hartung
Mr. Kenneth W. Jackson
Mr. Robert E. Lee
Mr. George C. McIntyre
Dr. J. Kevin O’Kelly
Mrs. Gail Ness Richardson
Mrs. Carolyn Beasley Shortt
Mr. W. C. Stanton

Others Present:
Mrs. Shireese Bell, Morning News
Mr. D. Keith Best, Chair of the Faculty
Mr. Darryl L. Bridges, Vice President for Public and Community Affairs
Dr. L. Fred Carter, President
Dr. Richard Chapman, Provost
Ms. Angela R. Crosland, Public Information Coordinator
Mr. Jay Dowd, Vice President for Development/Executive Director of FMU Foundation
Mr. Daniel Dukes, Legislative Liaison
Mr. A. Glen Gourley, Secretary of the Faculty & Professor of Theatre Arts
Mrs. Rachel R. Hamaie, Executive Assistant to the President
Mr. Murray G. Hartzler, Director of Athletics
Mr. Jay Kispert, Vice President for Business Affairs
Dr. Kenneth D. Kitts, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Enrollment Management
Mrs. Teresa J. Ramey, Dean of Students
Dr. Charlene Wages, Vice President for Administration


Mr. William Coleman called the meeting to order at 11:02 am. He then asked Mrs. Rachel Hamaie to call the roll. Mr. Coleman then noted for the record that media notification had been made in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, and that a quorum was present.

Mr. Coleman presented the minutes of the June 19, 2009 Board Meeting to the Board for approval. Mrs. Laura Crowther made a motion for the minutes to be approved. The motion was seconded by Mr. Bradley Boles. The minutes received unanimous approval by the Board.

Academic Affairs and Accreditation Committee:

Mrs. Gail Richardson stated that three reports were given in the morning meeting by Mr. Keith Best, the Faculty Chairman, Dr. Richard Chapman, the Provost, and Dr. Kenneth Kitts, the Associate Provost. The University will seek approval from CHE for a specialist degree in psychology soon to be followed by a Nurse Practitioner Program. FMU is also hopeful for a Physician’s Assistant Program. Since last spring, the University has been engaged in the Pee Dee Health Education Consortium, a program which brings together McLeod, Carolinas, FMU and USC to provide a structure for delivering health degree programs. The Performing Arts Center is on track and scheduled to open in August of 2010 with a gala planned for February of 2011. The Center for Entrepreneurship under Dr. Susan Peters opened in January 2009. The school of business will begin its accreditation this fall.

Mrs. Richardson then made a motion from the Academic Affairs and Accreditation Committee for the approval of Resolution 05-09, Resolution to implement a Policy for Determining Lawful Presence of Students Attending Francis Marion University. Mr. Robert Lee seconded the motion. The resolution received the unanimous approval of the Board.

Development and Alumni Committee:

Mr. Bradley Boles introduced Elizabeth Bonnoitt, who is working part time for the Foundation for outreach and special event programs. NPLI will begin its eighth year on September 11, 2009 and is expecting a total of 30 participants. Mr. Boles then informed the Board of the following events:

August 22, 2009                       Freshmen Move-in Day

September 8, 2009                  Alumni Board Meeting

October 3, 2009                       Baseball Alumni Event

October, 2009                          Psychology Alumni Reception

October 22, 2009                     Biology Alumni Reception

November 6, 2009                   Clemson / FMU Exhibition Game

March 11- 12, 2010                  Foundation Auction and Golf Tournament

Executive Affairs Committee:

Mr. Coleman reported that the executive committee met but no action was taken.

Financial Affairs and Facilities Committee:

Dr. Randy Dozier presented Resolution 06-09, Resolution for the Issuance of Athletic Facilities Revenue Bonds, to the Board. Mr. George McIntyre made a motion to approve the resolution. The motion was seconded by Dr. Kevin O’Kelly. The resolution was approved unanimously by the Board. Dr. Dozier then presented Resolution 07-09, Resolution for the Conveyance of Property from the Francis Marion University Real Estate Foundation. Mr. Frank Elmore made a motion to approve the resolution. Mr. Boles seconded the motion. It received unanimous approval by the Board. Dr. Dozier then asked the Board to refer to the budget summary report to note that the university has planned a 4% cut in the budget in anticipation of further state cuts this year. He thanked the university staff for their careful management of the budget during difficult financial times.

Student Affairs and Athletics Committee:

Mr. Ken Jackson asked Board Members to participate in the freshmen move-in scheduled for August 22, 2009. He reported that housing is almost to capacity. He then reminded the Board of the following events:

November 5, 2009                   Women’s Basketball Exhibition Game against UNC

November 6, 2009                   Men’s Basketball Exhibition Game against Clemson

December 20, 2009                 Women’s Basketball Tournament in Myrtle Beach

President’s Report:

Dr. Carter thanked the Board for their attendance at the retreat as it provided an opportunity for many at the university to address the Board. He then thanked Shireese Bell for her coverage of University events over the past four years. Dr. Carter reminded the Board that the Chairman and Executive Director of CHE will join the Board at the November meeting.

Dr. Carter asked Mr. Keith Best to brief the Board on faculty activities and events. Mr. Best thanked the administration for their management during tough financial times. This careful management allowed the faculty to maintain their QEP funds, professional development funds, and junior research stipends; which allow the faculty to shine in their work. One example of the use of such funds is Dr. Dawn Larsen who used a junior research stipend to travel to Texas and New Mexico to do research in the area of tent theatre in the West and Mexico. She is then using QEP funds to take four students to the Burning Man Festival near the end of the month. Professional development funds have been used over the past year to travel to every continent with the exception of Antarctica. Despite financial difficulties, it has been a very productive year. The specialist degree is moving forward. In addition, throughout the next year the Board will receive updates on the Nurse Practitioner and Physician’s Assistant Programs. Next week, John Tuttle’s play The Sweet Abyss opens at the Trustus Theatre in Columbia. The McNair Symposium will be held in October and Pee Dee Fiction Festival approaches in November.

Dr. Carter asked Mr. Daniel Dukes for a legislative update. Mr. Dukes informed the Board that he and Dr. Carter had been attending CHE meetings during which all institutions have tried to work collaboratively to obtain funds. Some universities have complained at the inequality of state appropriations. These same schools have tuition rates that double that of Francis Marion. A bill currently in the house will provide some regulatory relief for procurement procedures. The university will continue to promote the Physician’s Assistant Program and Nurse Practitioner Program.  Lastly, Mr. Dukes thanked the Board for their assistance and support.

Unfinished Business:


New Business:

Mr. Coleman reminded the Board of the dates for the upcoming Board Meetings:

November 6, 2009

February 5, 2010

June 18, 2010

Mr. Coleman then thanked the Board members for agreeing to serve on the various committees. He made a motion to adjourn. Mrs. Richardson seconded the motion. The Board adjourned at 11:37 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Carolyn Beasley Shortt