Francis Marion University
President’s Board Room, Stokes Administration Building
Friday, June 1, 2007 – 11:35 am –12:40pm

Mr. Kenneth W. Jackson, Chairman

Mrs. Teresa C. Anderson
Mr. James A. Brown, Jr.
Mr. T. Hal Campbell
Mr. William W. Coleman, Jr.
Mr. L. Franklin Elmore
Mrs. Melissa J. Emery
Mrs. Patricia C. Hartung
Mr. Alex Kiriakides, III
Senator Hugh K. Leatherman, Sr., Member Emeritus
Mr. Robert E. Lee
Mr. George C. McIntyre
Mrs. Gail Ness Richardson
Mrs. Carolyn Beasley Shortt

Others Present:
Dr. Kenneth M. Autrey, Chair of the Faculty
Ms. Kathryn G. Andrews, Director of Publications and Marketing
Mr. Garry L. Ballard, Executive Director of Communications Services
Mrs. Shireese Bell, Morning News
Mr. Darryl L. Bridges, Vice President for Student Affairs
Ms. Julie J. Bush, Associate Provost for Enrollment Management
Dr. L. Fred Carter, President
Dr. Richard Chapman, Provost
Mrs. Elizabeth I. Cooper, Director of Community Relations
Ms. Angela R. Crosland, Public Information Coordinator
Mrs. Kimberly G. Davis, Assistant Director of Institutional Research & Human Resources Assistant
Mr. Jay Dowd, Vice President for Development/Executive Director of FMU Foundation
Mr. Daniel Dukes, Legislative Liaison
Dr. James R. Faulkenberry, Dean of the School of Education
Mrs. Rachel R. Hamaie, Executive Assistant to the President
Mr. Murray G. Hartzler, Director of Athletics
Mrs. Brandie O. Hayes, Director of Alumni Affairs
Mr. Jay Kispert, Vice President for Business Affairs
Dr. Kenneth D. Kitts, Associate Provost
Mr. Robert E. Merritt, University Attorney
Dr. Charlene Wages, Vice President for Administration


Mr. Kenneth Jackson called the meeting to order at 11:35 am. He then asked Mrs. Rachel Hamaie to call the roll. Mr. Jackson then noted for the record that media notification had been made in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, and a quorum was present.

Mr. Jackson presented the minutes of the February 2, 2007 Board Meeting to the Board for approval. Mrs. Gail Richardson made a motion for the minutes to be approved. The motion was seconded by Mrs. Teresa Anderson. The minutes received unanimous approval by the Board.

Academic Affairs and Accreditation Committee:

Mrs. Patricia Hartung began by announcing that Dr. Ken Autrey has agreed to serve one additional year as the chair of the faculty. Also, in March 2007 Francis Marion University students participated in the National Model UN Conference in New York. Four students participated in this event for the first time. Dr. Fred Carter added that the catalyst for this program was Dr. Eddie Floyd, who as a public delegate to the UN aided the University in becoming involved in this program. In addition, the University has hired 17 new faculty members this year.

Next, Mrs. Hartung reported that the committee heard a report from Associate Provost Julie Bush on admissions and enrollment. As of May 25, 2007, the number of applications received this year has increased to 2595, a 3.8% increase over last year’s record setting number. Also, this past May the University graduated 333 undergraduates and 29 graduate students.

The Financial Assistance office provided a report that 2850 students received financial assistance for the 2007-2008 academic year. This is over 27 million dollars in financial aid.

The committee also received reports from various departments within the university. The Biology Department presented a report on the University’s herbarium project run by Dr. Gerald Long, which currently has over 7000 specimens of plant stems and leaves. This is a nationally recognized collection which is registered with the New York Botanical Society. The English department presented a report on recent scholarly papers and presentations, including a student panel presentation on text messaging and new words and language that are developing as a result of this technology. The Rogers Library presented a report on library usage during the Spring 2007 semester. In connection with the library report, Provost Chapman mentioned that in the statewide library electronic union catalog, the FMU Library has in its collection more than 50,000 unique volumes that are not found in other university libraries in South Carolina. This statistic reflects the high quality of the Rogers Library collection.

Finally, Dr. Charlene Wages presented a reaccreditation report. The University is approximately three and a half months away from submitting the SACS compliance report which is due in September 2007. Also, the University had a visit in April from Mr. Rudy Jackson, a SACS representative, to aid in the reaccreditation process. Mr. Jackson indicated that the process is going well.

Development and Alumni Committee:

Mr. Hal Campbell began by reporting that the Capital Campaign has raised $35,730,000 against an original goal of 12 million. He then reported that the Foundation Board elected new officers.  The new officers will be: Mr. Tim Norwood, chairman; Mr. Reamer King, vice-chairman; Mr. Hal Campbell, secretary; and Mr. Floyd Keels, treasurer. In addition, there are three new members of the Foundation Board, Mr. Toy Nettles, Mr. Schipp Johnson, and Mrs. Christie Lucas. Also, two honorary members have been added. They are Mr. Jim McLeod and Mr. Billy Powers.  These changes will take place on July 1, 2007.

The BB&T Francis Marion University Foundation / Alumni Golf Classic was held this year in March. The tournament grossed $46,000 with a net of $33,000. These proceeds will go to the Neal Thigpen Endowed Chair in Public Affairs and the Gary Hanson Endowed Scholarship.

McLeod Health allowed the Education Foundation to purchase the diabetes clinic adjacent to the University on Palmetto Street. Approximately four acres of land will accompany this building which will be financed through South Carolina JEDA bonds. The total frontage on 301 for the University now totals 17 acres.

Homecoming took place in February of this year.  On Thursday, February 15, 2007, the School of Education had an Alumni Reception at The Cottage with about 85 participants. Four Alumni were recognized. They were:

The Novice Educator Award – Ms. Shannon Smalls, a 2005 graduate

The Veteran Educator Award – Ms. Wanda Hodge, a 1983 graduate

The Administrator Award – Ms. Sharon Dickson, a 1985 graduate

The Educator Leader Award – Dr. Steven Taylor, a 1975 graduate

On Friday, February 16, 2007, the School of Business Breakfast had approximately 100 in attendance. The Outstanding Business Alumnus Award was renamed the Morgan B. Coker Outstanding Alumnus Award. This award was given to Mr. Brian Waldrop, a 1985 graduate. That night Alumni Night was held at Red Bone Alley with approximately 120 alumni present. Saturday, February 17, 2007 was Homecoming Day and Patriot Fest.

The Alumni Board elected the following new officers: Mr. Steven Jones, president; Paul Seward, president elect; Rachel Turner, secretary; and Julian Young, immediate past president. In addition, ten new Alumni Board members were elected. They began service on May 1, 2007.

A participant in the Student Alumni Association Mentor Program, Mr. Demarcus Patrick, was recently hired by BB&T. The Alumnus on the Rise Award was given to Ms. Courtney Smalls. In addition the Student Alumni Association was the organization of the year on campus.

The Alumni Association produced a book for all graduates, which was distributed at this Spring’s graduation. This book contains information to help them prepare for their post-graduate lives and careers.

Sen. Hugh Leatherman then asked how the McLeod Building will be used by the University.  Dr. Carter responded that the building will continue to be used for Student Health Services as well as Counseling and Testing. These functions use approximately one-third of the building. The remainder of the building will be used by the Education Foundation as a non-profit cooperative providing office space for themselves, NESA, Pee Dee Land Trust, and The Francis Marion Trail Commission.

Executive Affairs Committee:

Mr. Jackson began by stating that the committee heard reports from the President on two issues. First, the president spoke on campus security plans in light of the Virginia Tech tragedy. Secondly, the President spoke about Commencement and the need for ticketed seating. This will be discussed further at the Quarterly Board Meeting in August during the Wampee Retreat.

Financial Affairs and Facilities Committee:

Mr. Robert Lee began by asking the Board to review the budget summary under Tab 3. At this point 92% of the fiscal year has passed and 10% of the budget funds for 2006-2007 are still unused. Next, Mr. Lee asked the Board to turn to the resolution under Tab 2, 04-07 Resolution for University Budget Approval. Prior to voting on this Resolution he asked the Board to review the two issues the Resolution concerned, the approval of the 2007-2008 Budget and a 7.5% tuition increase. A printout provided to the Board shows a 7.5% increase to the current tuition of $3,256 will increase tuition $238 adding $1,530,000 to general funds. In addition $25 will be added to the Student Activity Fee. This will add $170,000 to the student activity funds designated account. This was previously approved by the Board at the February Meeting. The chart on this handout gives the Universities tuition in relation to other Universities in South Carolina. At this point, FMU is the first University listed to present tuition increases. Other Universities are likely to present a similar percentage increase.

Mr. Lee then asked the Board to note certain points of change within the budget. The budget also addresses a 3% salary increase for University employees in addition to the state increase of 3% once the state budget is approved. Also, the budget includes ten additional faculty positions to reduce the teaching load of the faculty to allow them to also focus on research and publications. In addition, with this budget no one working for the University earns less than $20,000, a livable wage. The budget also provides funds for the Pee Dee Fiction Festival, additional funds for the Library, and increases in athletic scholarships. Non-recurring expenses will be renovations and repairs to the McNair Auditorium, Founders Hall, the Cauthen Educational Media Center, and the indoor swimming pool.

Mr. Lee then presented the resolution to the Board for approval with the unanimous approval of the Financial Affairs and Facilities Committee.  Mrs. Gail Richardson seconded the motion.  The resolution was passed with the unanimous approval of the Board.

Lastly, Mr. Lee provided updates on construction and renovations on campus. The Forest Villas Phase II should be ready for occupancy mid August. The construction for the Center for the Child should begin in August as well. The Performing Arts Center is progressing smoothly. The renovations for the pool should be completed by the end of the summer. The McNair Auditorium will be completed by July. The Founders Hall carpet should be replaced by the end of the summer. Finally, the Board Room will be renovated for the minimum fee of $4000.

Student Affairs and Athletics Committee:

Mr. Elmore began by presenting the campus security plans for the University in response to the Virginia Tech tragedy. The University will take a three step approach to this problem. The first step will be to research an alert system for the University. The second step will be to upgrade campus security equipment and training for campus security officials. The third step will be to re-evaluate campus security to identify gaps and weaknesses.

For Athletics, the Committee was introduced to the new Women’s Basketball Coach, Ms. Heather Macy. Also, Mr. Dillon Owens was named the Division II National Pitcher of the Year. The Women’s Tennis Team ended the year ranked 16th nationally, losing in the NCAA regional finals. 78 student athletes were named to the Peach Belt Presidential Honor Roll. These are student athletes with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. This represents 43% of FMU’s student athletes. There were 12 student athletes inducted into the National Honors Society, Chi Alpha Sigma, with a GPA of 3.4 or higher after the completion of their fourth semester. Over the student athlete GPA was 2.8.   The final submissions for Women’s Soccer and Golf to Division I have been made and a decision is anticipated any day.

Dean Ramey presented a report to the committee on Leadership FMU scheduled for the Fall. This is to identify leadership skills in students and encourage interaction with them the faculty and the staff.

In other news, Ms. Heather Grace Brown was named Miss FMU 2007. The Job Fair was successful with 55 employers and more than 200 students participating. Following this fair, the student career counseling center activity increased. Also, Mr. Rodney Robinson was elected the new SGA president.

President’s Report:

Dr. Carter began by discussing the campus security plan. Mr. Bridges and Mr. Kispert will coordinate this review, Mr. Bridges dealing with student communications and Mr. Kispert dealing with the campus policing. In addition the University will ask a professional firm to come in to evaluate the University’s security once a plan has been implemented. An update on this process will be given at the retreat in August.

Next, Dr. Carter asked Sen. Leatherman to give the Board a report on the appropriations process. Sen. Leatherman began by saying that the appropriations process this year has been the most interesting one he has been a part of in the 27 years he has spent in Columbia. He stated that there has been a lot of rhetoric about the 1.5 billion in new money. He stated that there is no such new money once mandated budgetary costs have been accommodated. Both the House and the Senate have passed budgets. Now the conference committee is meeting to remedy the differences in these budgets. The House members on this committee at the urging of the Governor demanded that all special projects be taken out of the budget. Sen. Leatherman asked these House members to define special projects, going down the lists of projects. At the end of the discussion, they agreed that all of the projects were state projects and not special projects. Now the house is insisting that certain pieces of legislation be passed prior to the passing of the budget. These pieces of legislation are unrelated to the budget. Therefore, last week the Senate passed a contingent resolution meaning the budget would remain as last years if this year’s budget is not passed. Hopefully, this will force the House to allow the current budget to be passed without passing these other pieces of legislation.

Dr. Carter then updated the Board on other areas of progress within the University. The School of Business with The Kelly Small Business Institute is now involved with more than 80 small businesses across the Pee Dee. Many of these businesses depend upon the help of this institute in working with them on everything from taxation issues and accounting practices to working with them on developing business plans. Dr. Barry O’Brien and Dr. Joe Aniello use undergraduate and graduate students to work with these businesses, allowing a wonderful opportunity for learning. The School of Education with The Center for Excellence is doing a great job in working with 19 school districts. Also, Project Create run by Dr. Shirley Carr Bausmith will probably receive another substantial grant this year.

The University is very close to hiring a childcare director for the Richardson Center for the Child, and the directorship for the Performing Arts Center has been narrowed down to two candidates.

Dr. Carter also recognized that Garry Ballard was retiring from the University today; and he expressed gratitude for all of the relationships Garry built for FMU. The University went through an extensive search process trying to find a replacement for Garry, but ultimately decided not to replace Garry. For years, Garry’s operation of Public Affairs and Libby’s office of Community Relations have worked hand in hand with one another to provide wonderful external relationships across the state. Accordingly, the University has decided to combine these two entities under Libby’s leadership.

This summer Mr. Kispert and his crews are extensively renovating the McNair Auditorium. The President then presented a draft resolution to the Board to be voted on in the August meeting in accordance with the Board naming policy. He then read aloud the 05-07 Resolution for the naming of The Dr. Richard N. Chapman Auditorium in the McNair Science Building.

Unfinished Business:

Mr. Jackson reminded the Board that a slate of new officers for the 2007-2009 Board of Trustees had been presented at the February Board Meeting of the following officers:

Mr. George C. McIntyre – Chair

Mr. William W. Coleman – Vice-chair

Mrs. Carolyn Beasley Shortt – Secretary

He then opened the floor for further nominations. Mr. Lee made a motion to close the nominations. Mrs. Richardson seconded this motion. Mr. Lee then presented a motion to approve. The new officers were approved unanimously by the Board.

New Business:

Mr. Jackson reminded the Board of the Annual Wampee Retreat on August 2nd and 3rd of 2007.

Executive Session:

Mr. Jackson called an executive session. No action was taken.

Mr. Jackson reminded the Board of the luncheon at The Cottage. He then adjourned the meeting at 12:40 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,
Carolyn Beasley Shortt