Francis Marion University
The Cottage, Hendrick Room
Thursday, March 2, 2017 – 4:30 pm – 4:55 pm


Mr. Kenneth W. Jackson, Chairman


Mr. Jody Bryson
Dr. James M. Bunch
Mr. William W. Coleman, Jr.
Dr. H. Randall Dozier
Mr. Benjamin I. Duncan, II
Mr. L. Franklin Elmore
Mr. R. Tracy Freeman
Mr. William Edward Gunn
Mr. Stephen N. Jones
Mr. Floyd L. Keels
Ms. Karen A. Leatherman
Mr. Robert E. Lee
Mr. George C. McIntyre
Mr. Mark S. Moore
Dr. J. Kevin O’Kelly

Others Present:
Dr. Shirley Bausmith, Dean of the School of Education and Professor of Education
Mr. Darryl Bridges, Vice President for Development/Executive Director of the Foundation
Dr. L. Fred Carter, President
Mrs. Kim Davis, Executive Assistant to the President
Ms. Rachel Droze, Reporter for the Morning News
Mr. Jonathan P. Edwards, General Counsel
Mr. Larry Falck, Media Production and Web Design Coordinator
Dr. Rebecca Flannagan, Chair of the Faculty and Professor of English
Dr. Karen Fries, Secretary of the Faculty and Assistant Professor of Education
Mr. A. Glen Gourley, Vice Chair of the Faculty and Professor of Theatre Arts and Speech – Directing
Mr. Murray G. Hartzler, Director of Athletics
Dr. Christopher M. Kennedy, Associate Provost and Director of Graduate Programs
Mr. Jay Kispert, Vice President for Business Affairs
Dr. Peter King, Provost
Dr. Jennifer Kunka, Associate Provost for Advising and Professor of English
Mr. Matthew J. McColl, Director of Communications
Mr. Tucker Mitchell, Executive Director of Public Affairs
Dr. Jonathan Munn, Associate Professor of Economics
Ms. Freddricka Pressley, SGA President
Mrs. Teresa J. Ramey, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Dr. Charlene Wages, Vice President for Administration
Dr. Alissa Warters, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Enrollment Management
Dr. Ruth Wittmann-Price, Dean of the School of Health Sciences and Professor of Nursing


Mr. Jackson called the meeting to order at 4:30 pm, and then he asked Mrs. Davis to call the roll.  He stated for the record that media notification had been made in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, and that a quorum was present.

Mr. Jackson presented the minutes of the November 17, 2016 meeting to the board for approval.  Mr. Coleman made a motion for the minutes to be approved, and the motion was seconded by Mr. Freeman. The minutes received unanimous approval by the board.

Executive Affairs Committee:

Mr. Jackson presented Resolution 02-17 – Acceptance of the Gift of the Old Post Office Building from the FMU Education Foundation which comes from the committee with unanimous approval, and then he asked Dr. Carter to give further information regarding how the gift came about.  Dr. Carter stated that the City of Florence, the Drs. Bruce and Lee Foundation, and the FMU Education Foundation contributed equally to purchase the building.  The contributions from the Drs. Bruce and Lee Foundation were made to the FMU Education Foundation, and the Foundation made the actual purchase and will hold title to the building while appropriate approvals are obtained through the Commission on Higher Education, the State Fiscal Accountability Act, and the Joint Bond Review Committee to move the ownership from the Education Foundation to the university.  The approval process is estimated to take two months, with the transfer of ownership anticipated in late April or early May.  Mr. Jackson made a motion for the resolution to be approved, and Dr. Dozier seconded the motion.  The resolution received unanimous approval by the board.

Academic Affairs and Accreditation Committee:

Dr. Bunch reported the following information that was shared with the committee:

  • Resolution 01-17 – Ratification of additions to the current Bachelor of Science in Biology program and the Master of Science in Applied Psychology program was presented to the board, which comes from the committee with unanimous approval.  Dr. Bunch made a motion for the resolution to be approved, and Mr. McIntyre seconded the motion.
  • Professor Glen Gourley has been elected as the new Faculty Chair for 2017-2018.
  • Dr. Shirley Bausmith will retire from her position as the Dean of the School of Education at the end of June.  Dr. Tracy Meetze-Holcombe has been selected as the new Dean beginning in July.
  • Dr. Rebecca Flannagan will become the new Chair of the English Department in July.
  • Total enrollment for Spring 2017 is 3,326.
  • As of February 24, the Admissions Office has received 3,267 freshman applications, and 1,807 of those have been admitted.
  • The total of new freshman and transfer student applications for Fall 2017 has increased by 1% from last year, and the total students who have applied and been admitted has increased by 2%.
  • Twelve South Carolina high school seniors were interviewed for the McNair Scholarship, of which three were selected.  The three students chosen have accepted the scholarship and will enroll at FMU for the Fall 2017 semester.
  • Five scholarship interview days are being hosted on campus this spring, during which prospective scholarship recipients are interviewed by two faculty members.  Scholarship offers are scheduled to be made in late March, with the deadline to accept being April 29.
  • The Office of Admissions has held two Open House events so far this spring, and two more are scheduled for March 4 and April 8.  They are also preparing for the first Fall 2017 orientation, which is for scholarship recipients and will be held on April 29.
  • 259 undergraduate degrees and 61 graduate degrees were awarded at the Fall 2016 commencement in December.  Planning has begun for the Spring 2017 commencement which is scheduled for May 6.
  • The software company, Ellucian, has been training our staff and assisting in transitioning to their Enterprise Resource Planning software called Colleague.  The software is being used in areas such as finance, human resources, enrollment management, and student engagement.  The FMU staff have given very positive reviews of the software.

Dr. Bunch concluded his report.

Development and Alumni Committee:

Mr. Elmore shared the following report with the board:


  • The Education Foundation Scholarship Donor/Recipient reception will be held on March 28 in the Smith University Center Commons.
  • The Swamp Fox Athletic Auction is scheduled for March 23 at the Performing Arts Center.
  • The Chairman’s Classic Golf Tournament will take place on April 7 at the Country Club of South Carolina.
  • Arts International, which is scheduled for April 8, will be held for the third year in downtown Florence and is presented jointly by FMU and the City of Florence.
  • The Performing Arts Center has a great line up of concerts for the spring including the following: Lee Greenwood; Blood, Sweat, and Tears; and Rick Springfield.  The staff is currently working on scheduling concert events for the summer.


  • The Annual Alumni Awards Reception and Ceremony will take place following the board meeting at 6:00 at the Performing Arts Center.

Mr. Elmore concluded his report.

Financial Affairs and Facilities Committee:

Mr. Jones shared the following information from the committee meeting:

Budget Summary Report:

  • Fall 2016 revenue collection has concluded, with 98.5% of the budgeted amount received.
  • Revenues from Fall 2016 undergraduate courses were $47,000 above the projected budget.
  • Spring 2017 revenues are currently at 97.9% of budget expectations, with a substantial increase in graduate nursing revenue equaling $144,000.
  • As of the report date, general funds were 55% expended, which is consistent with budget expectations.
  • Employee headcount and FTE remain at the November figures of 495 for headcount and 442.26 for FTE.  The four year change for headcount is 8 and FTE is 8.10.
  • Since November, the estimate of financial aid provided has been reduced to $51,752,932.  This reduction of $793,888 was largely brought about by a decrease in estimates of Pell Grant awards equaling $515,000, Tuition Waivers equaling $100,000, and Student Employment equaling $100,000.
  • Total financial aid received for 2015-16 was reported at $52,195,706.  It is expected that financial aid estimates will be adjusted, with a final figure to be reported at the June board meeting.


  • The gift of the Old Post Office Building, which the board voted on earlier in the meeting, was discussed.

Mr. Jones concluded his report. 

Student Affairs and Athletics Committee:

Mr. Bryson presented the following information reported to the committee:

Student Affairs:

  • For the second year, the Student Affairs Office partnered with the Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce to sponsor the Dr. Martin Luther King Celebration which was held on January 12 at FMU.
  • Civility Week Events were held from January 30 through February 2.
  • Lilly Filler, with the SC Council of the Holocaust, was the speaker at the International Holocaust Remembrance Program on January 25.
  • The Black Heritage Month Program was held on February 2, and the speaker was Dr. Randy Bridges, Florence District 1 Superintendent.
  • In September, the Student Government Association began providing color printing services to student organizations on campus. During that time they have printed program announcements for more than thirty of those organizations.
  • The new SGA Commuter Student Committee had been very helpful in determining ways to better meet the needs of the commuter students.
  • Over 200 students participated in the Late-Night Pancake Breakfast that was sponsored by the SGA and Dining Services during the Fall 2016 final exam period. The SGA gave the students in attendance useful study tips to help them prepare for exams.  Also, the Patriot Bookstore provided three gift cards and an Exam Grand Prize Basket that were given as door prizes.
  • On February 8, the SGA held the Patriot Experience which emphasized student organization spirit for Homecoming 2017.  Nine student organizations performed during the event, and the SGA distributed pom-poms, T-shirts, and FM foam fingers to celebrate homecoming.  The event was a success, with more than 250 participating.
  • The SGA and University Programming Board held a Homecoming Dance on February 9.
  • On February 10, the SGA and Athletic Department sponsored the Patriot Bonfire.
  • The annual FMU Homecoming Parade, sponsored by the SGA, was held on February 11. There were twenty student organizations participating, and the Lamar High School Marching Band was featured during the parade.
  • On March 10, the SGA will take sixteen students to Washington D. C. for a three-day, two-night educational leadership tour. They will visit the SC delegates within the US Congress, tour the Capitol building, visit monuments, and explore cultural venues such as the African American History and Culture Museum, the Holocaust Museum, and the John F. Kennedy Performing Arts Center.
  • The SGA will hold Executive Officer and Senate elections in late March.
  • The SGA and Student Affairs Office will hold the Student Leadership Conference on April 15.


  • Lauren Baufield, who comes from East Tennessee State, became the new Head Volleyball Coach on January 20.
  • The women’s basketball team finished second in the Peach Belt Conference East Division.  They will play Columbus State in the Peach Belt Conference Semifinals on March 4 at Lander.
  • The men’s baseball team has a 14-2 record and is ranked number 12 in the nation.  They will play non-conference games at home against St. Rose on March 4 and 5.
  • The women’s softball team has a 14-4 record and will begin conference play at home on March 4 and 5.
  • The men’s tennis team began the season ranked 27 in the nation, and the women’s tennis team started their season with a ranking of 18 in the nation.
  • The Fall 2016 average GPA for student athletes was 2.94, with 100 out of 190 student athletes achieving a GPA above 3.0.
  • The annual Athletic Banquet is scheduled for April 24.
  • Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society will hold an induction ceremony on April 3.
  • The Ms. FMU Pageant will be held on April 6.
  • The Student Life Awards ceremony will be held on April 18.

Mr. Bryson concluded his report.

President’s Report:

Dr. Carter made the following comments during his report:

  • The relationship that the university shares with the City of Florence and the Drs. Bruce and Lee Foundation is very unique.  It is a pleasure working with Mayor Wukela and Dr. Floyd.  This partnership has brought about three wonderful buildings for the university in the downtown area and spurred much of the downtown redevelopment.
  • The university has a number of accreditations coming up during the next year, and board members may be asked to participate in meetings with the accreditation teams.  Dr. Wittmann-Price and Dr. Gittings are preparing the nursing department for a visit from the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing in April.  Later in Fall 2017, Dr. Jokisch will be guiding his department through the accreditation of the engineering program.  In addition, the university will submit a reaffirmation report to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in October 2017, which will be followed by a site visit in March 2018.  Dr. King, Dr. Wages, and Dr. Ward will be directing the university through the reaffirmation process.
  • Congratulations were extended to Professor Gourley for being elected the new Chair of the Faculty, Dr. Flannagan for being chosen as the new Chair of the English Department, and Dr. Bausmith as she is retiring at the end of the spring semester.

Dr. Carter concluded his report.

Unfinished Business:


New Business:


Executive Session:

Not needed

Mr. Jackson adjourned the meeting at 4:55 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,
William Edward Gunn