Francis Marion University
The Cottage, Hendrick Room
Thursday, November 6, 2014 – 5:00 pm – 5:35 pm

Mr. George C. McIntyre, Chairman

Mr. Jody Bryson
Dr. James M. Bunch
Mr. William W. Coleman
Dr. H. Randall Dozier
Mr. L. Franklin Elmore
Rev. Mary M. Finklea
Mr. R. Tracy Freeman
Mr. William Edward Gunn
Mrs. Patricia C. Hartung
Mr. Kenneth W. Jackson
Mr. Stephen N. Jones
Mr. Floyd Keels
Mr. Robert E. Lee
Mr. Mark S. Moore

Others Present:
Dr. Shirley Bausmith, Dean of the School of Education and Associate Professor of Education
Mr. D. Keith Best, Associate Provost & Professor of Theatre Arts – Acting
Mr. Darryl Bridges, Vice President for Development/Executive Director of the Foundation
Mr. Thomas Brown, Student Worker – Instructional Technology and Electronic Media Services
Dr. L. Fred Carter, President
Dr. Richard Chapman, Provost
Ms. Angela Crosland, Director of Communications
Mrs. Kim Davis, Executive Assistant to the President
Mr. Daniel Dukes, Legislative Liaison
Mr. Jonathan P. Edwards, General Counsel
Mr. Larry Falck, Media Production and Web Design Coordinator
Mr. Murray G. Hartzler, Director of Athletics
Dr. John R. Hester, Associate Provost and Director of the Center for the Child
Mr. R. Dustin James, SGA President
Mr. Jay Kispert, Vice President for Business Affairs
Dr. Peter King, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Enrollment Management
Mr. Mac McLeod, Media Production/Instructional Technical Support
Mr. Tucker Mitchell, Executive Director of Public Affairs
Mrs. Teresa J. Ramey, Vice President for Student Affairs
Ms. Melissa Rollins, Reporter for Morning News
Dr. Charlene Wages, Vice President for Administration
Mr. Julian M. Young, Director of Alumni Affairs



Mr. George McIntyre called the meeting to order at 5:00. He asked Rev. Mary Finklea to give the invocation then asked Mrs. Kim Davis to call the roll. Mr. McIntyre noted that Mr. Ervin, Dr. O’Kelly, and Mrs. Richardson have excused absences.  He then stated for the record that media notification had been made in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, and that a quorum was present.

Mr. McIntyre presented the minutes of the August 8, 2014, Board Meeting to the Board for approval. Mr. W. Coleman made a motion for the minutes to be approved. The motion was seconded by Mr. Freeman. The minutes received unanimous approval by the Board.

Executive Affairs Committee:

Mr. McIntyre reported that the Executive Committee met and no action was taken.

Academic Affairs and Accreditation Committee:

Dr. Bunch presented the following information given in reports to the committee:

  • The South Carolina Commission on Higher Education has given final approval for the Physician Assistant program.
  •  The Center of Excellence, under the leadership of Dr. Tammy Pawloski, was honored with the Dick and Tunky Riley WhatWorksSC Award for Excellence in October 2014.
  • The School of Business has been named one of the “Best 296 Business Schools” in the graduate school guide published by Princeton Review.
  • Dr. Alissa Warters and Dr. Scott Kaufman are co-authoring a book titled Power, Pragmatism, and Party:  The Life of Gerald R. Ford.

Dr. Bunch concluded his report.

Development and Alumni Committee:

Mr. Coleman reported the following information shared with the committee by Mr. Darryl Bridges and Mr. Julian Young:

  • Recent significant donations to the Foundation include a gift of slightly over $1 million from the Margaret McLamb Grimsby Trust, and a gift of $100,000 to the scholarship fund from Dr. Sampong Krakit.
  • The number of gifts increased by 57.2% and the number of donors increased by 16.6% over 2012-13 figures.
  • The following plays will be presented at the PAC: “Sister Act” (Nov. 15); “A Christmas Carol” (Dec. 19); and “Memphis” (April 2).  There are also some events for school children that are being presented through the Duke Energy Children’s Series.
  • There are four Patriot Powers Luncheons being held this fall at businesses that employ Francis Marion graduates.  Some of the businesses sponsoring the lunches are ACS Technologies, Sonoco, ADP, Trinity Healthcare, and Arbor One.
  • The Biology Alumni Award Reception was held on October 21 at 6:00 at The Cottage.  Dr. Joe L. Griffin was the recipient of the Lawrence F. Swails Award.
  • The Psychology department has scheduled their Alumni Award Reception for November 24 at 6:00 at The Cottage.  Jennifer Elkins and Melinda Fuller will receive the Professional Psychology Award.
  • Homecoming is scheduled for February 21, 2015.
  • Members of the Young Alumni Advisory Council participated in a Habitat for Humanity house project on November 1.

Mr. Coleman concluded his report.

Financial Affairs and Facilities Committee:

Dr. Randy Dozier gave the following report from the committee meeting:

  • Fall revenue collections are currently at 97.8% of anticipated revenue.
  • Graduate fee revenue increased by $42,000.
  • General Fund Expenditures are at an expected level with approximately 27% of the budget currently expended.
  • Employee headcount is currently at 489 and FTE is 435.71.  The four year change is 13 Head and 9.79 FTE.
  • Total Scholarships and Aid is projected to be $52,182,678, which is 0.9% or $482,000 less than last year.  This decrease is due to a decline in grants and scholarships as well as a slight decrease in enrollment.
  • The total number of undergraduate students receiving financial aid remains at approximately 87%.
  • Current facilities projects were discussed including the new Health Sciences Building, renovations to Founders Hall, and other classroom renovations.
  • The University has once again received an unqualified opinion in the 2014 financial audit done by Cline, Brandt, Kochenower, and Co. P.A.  Commendations were given to the staff in Accounting, Facilities Maintenance, Financial Assistance, and Purchasing for their help with the audit process.

Dr. Dozier concluded his report.

Student Affairs and Athletics Committee:

Mr. Robert E. Lee presented the following information reported to the committee by Mrs. Teresa Ramey:

  • The demographics of the Fall 2014 Newly Enrolled Freshman class are as follows:  31% male, 69% female; 99.7% full-time, 0.3% part-time; 94.0% SC residents, 3.6% out-of-state, and 2.4% international.
  • Over 3000 students participated in Welcome Week activities.
  • A Career Fair was held on October 15.  54 employers and 144 students participated in the event.

Mr. Lee then shared information on athletics from the report given by Mr. Murray Hartzler:

  • There were 102 student athletes named to FMU’s Swamp Fox Athletic-Academic Honor Roll for the Spring 2014 semester.
  • Both the men’s and women’s tennis teams earned ITA All-American Team awards for the 2014 season.  There were ten individual players (6 men and 4 women) who were awarded Academic All-American recognition.
  • The men’s and women’s basketball teams open their seasons on November 14 on the road.
  • The men’s soccer team is ranked 5th in the NCAA region poll.  The team is hoping to receive a bid to the NCAA regionals.  They will also play USC Aiken in the Peach Belt Conference Tournament semi-finals on Saturday, November 7.

Mr. Lee concluded his report.

President’s Report:

Dr. Carter made the following comments during his report:

  • The Physician Assistant program has received final approval from the SC Commission on Higher Education and is scheduled to begin in Fall 2016.
  • A meeting was held with faculty on campus, as well as a public forum in the City Council Chambers, concerning the new Health Sciences Complex.  Architects will develop construction quality plans, with construction scheduled to begin in late March or early April of 2015.  The first classes will be taught in the building in August 2016.
  • Open House will be held on November 15 at 9:15 am.  All Board members are invited to come and be a part of this event.
  • Local Home School Associations have been invited to a dinner on November 11 to facilitate discussions concerning home schooled seniors taking dual credit courses at FMU.
  • During the 2015 legislative session, FMU will request $2 million in non-recurring state funds to purchase a new software system for the Academic Affairs area.  In addition, the University will also request $750,000 in recurring funds for licensing and maintenance of the new software and the hiring of a few additional staff members.
  • The Pee Dee Fiction Festival is being held Nov. 6 and 7.  Following the Board meeting, there will be readings and discussions by visiting authors at 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm in Lowrimore Auditorium and a reception at Wallace House at 8:15 pm.

Dr. Carter concluded his report.

Unfinished Business:

The Committee on By Laws and Board Policy is in the process of reviewing the current by laws for the Board of Trustees.  Members of this committee are Mr. Lee (Chair), Mr. Jackson, and Mrs. Richardson.

New Business:

No new business.

Mr. McIntyre asked that a motion be made to adjourn the meeting.  The motion was made by Mr. Lee and seconded by Mr. Jackson.  The meeting was adjourned at 5:35 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,
Kenneth W. Jackson