FMU Chemistry graduates are well prepared when leaving Francis Marion University, and many find different jobs in several chemistry-related fields. Here are some graduates who are making their way in the chemistry world in the last few decades.

Class of 2016

Several of these students were not strictly Chemistry majors, but spent considerable time in doing coursework, research and activities within the department.

  • Ashlie Ransom – Employed at Duke University
  • Victoria E. Conyers – Employed at Pantheon in Pharmaceutical Chemistry work.
  • Morgan Hicks – Joined the Physicians Assistant program at Francis Marion University.

Class of 2012

  • Al Knowlton

Class of 2003

Three of the more than ten graduates in 2003.

  • Matt Blatnik – Chemistry/Biology double major.
  • Shannon Bailey – Work at IRIX Pharmaceuticals.
  • Chanda Goodson – Work at IRIX Pharmaceuticals.

Class of 2002

  • Fall 2002 graduates included Nicole LaCava, Chris Melton, and Katie Mears. Chris received his PhD.
  • May 2002 graduates were Jason Abernathy, Karen Dollarhite, Mitchell Hansen, Kenya Richburg, and Amber Smith. Mitch Hansen has a job with Liofol in NC. They deal with adhesives for the flexible packaging and industrial lamination industries. Jason Abernathy is working at DHEC.

Class of  2001

  • Lewis “Bud” Austin III of Blenheim – Works at IRIX Pharmaceuticals
  • Adam Blyden of Georgetown
  • Toby Nelson of Lake City – Employed at IRIX Pharmaceuticals until he started graduate school at USC in the fall of ’02, graduating with a PhD in ’07. He is now a research professor at Oklahoma State.
  • Jason Lambert of Marion – Enrolled in graduate school at USC in Columbia, then took a job at DHEC.
  • Michelle Pittard of Florence.

Class of 2000

  • Laura Graham – Science teacher at TKE and studied Nursing.
  • Toni Montgomery – Underwent training at SLED.
  • Shannon Byrd – Teaching high school.

Class of 1999

  • Bruce Johnson from Latta – Enrolled in medical school in this state.
  • Michael Bohachic from Dillon – Working at a pharmaceutical manufacturer or possibly DHEC.
  • Michael Fu Man Yip from Marion – Working in the laboratory at AVX in Horry County.
  • Hamilton Dickson from South Africa – Received his MS in Chemistry at Miami (of Ohio) University. When he graduated he took a job as a Medicinal Chemist with Galaxo-Welcome (now GlaxoSmithKline) in NC. He was named employee of the month in May 2003.
  • Mandy Lehman from Clover – Employed with IRIX Pharmaceuticals.
  • Mandy Harrington  – Was employed with Roche Carolina Pharmaceuticals and moved to the Federal labs at Los Alamos.


Previous years have students in graduate school, medical school and employed at major pharmaceutical manufacturers.

  • Terry Vaughn is a PhD graduate of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.
  • William Lewis (’98) is employed as Environmental Manager at ArvinMeritor.
  • Brandon Younce and Jackie Outlar are among those employed at IRIX Pharmaceuticals.
  • Graduate school enrollments currently include Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Penn State and USC.
  • Robert Sears and Kim Thigpen Black work in the labs at SLED.
  • Marcia Taylor (’96) graduated in May ’00 with Honors from the University of South Carolina Medical School and is working at a medical clinic near Columbia.