Dr. Marie DeVincenzo

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Dr. Marie DeVincenzo

Palmetto Professor of Business
Area Coordinator of Marketing
Associate Professor of Marketing

Office: FH 269
Phone: 843-661-1417


Ph.D., University of Utah
M.S., University of Utah
B.S., University of Utah

Areas of Expertise

Consumer Behavior
Social Marketing
Marketing and Public Policy


Dr. DeVincenzo teaches principles of marketing, marketing research, and marketing communications. The broad areas that she focuses on for her research include consumer behavior, social marketing, and marketing and public policy. She is particularly interested in integrating her background in environmental psychology into her marketing studies. Some examples of this integration include studies that examined: the relationship between housing density and consumer satisfaction and perceptions of safety, the impact of sense of community on environmentally conscious consumption behaviors, and how consumer gasoline usage is influenced by various forms of feedback and educational devices. Dr. DeVincenzo now also serves as the Area Coordinator of Marketing