Dr. Lisa A. Eargle

Photo of Lisa Eargle

Dr. Lisa A. Eargle

Chair, Department of Sociology, Professor of Sociology

Office: FH 239
Phone: 843-661-1653

Ph. D. – University of South Carolina, 1996


Dr. Eargle is a Board of Trustees’ Research Scholar, Professor and Chair of Sociology. Her research focuses primarily on the areas of disasters and crime. Dr. Eargle has published four edited books: Black Beaches And Bayous: The BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster (2012), Savage Sand And Surf: The Hurricane Sandy Disaster (2015), Gun Violence In American Society: Crime, Justice And Public Policy (2015), and Revival, Redemption, Recovery and Resilience: The Gulf Coast 10 Years After Hurricane Katrina (2016). She is currently working on other book projects that examine Terrorism in the US and Domestic Violence. She has also received a 2016 McNair Center grant to study the impacts of the October 2015 SC floods on the resources and wellbeing of residents in the Pee Dee region. Her work also appears in numerous other books and journals, and she has conducted workshops and presentations at a variety of professional conferences.

Courses Taught: 

SOCI 306: Social Problems
SOCI 331: Environment, Power, and Opportunity
SOCI 346: Crime and Organizations
SOCI 347: Alcohol, Drugs and Society
SOCI 349: Hate Crimes and Terrorism
SOCI 374: Work in Society
SOCI 388: Disasters and Extreme Events
SOCI 407: Urban Sociology
SOCI 419: Population and Society




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