Dr. Lisa A. Eargle

Photo of Lisa Eargle

Dr. Lisa A. Eargle

Professor of Sociology
Board of Trustees Research Scholar

Office: FH 240
Phone: 843-661-1653

Ph. D. – University of South Carolina, 1996


Dr. Eargle is a Board of Trustees’ Research Scholar and Professor Sociology.  She was chair of the department from 2013-2019.  Her research focuses primarily on the areas of disasters and crime. Dr. Eargle has published six edited books: Black Beaches And Bayous: The BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster (2012), Savage Sand And Surf: The Hurricane Sandy Disaster (2015), Gun Violence In American Society: Crime, Justice And Public Policy (2015), Revival, Redemption, Recovery and Resilience: The Gulf Coast 10 Years After Hurricane Katrina (2016), Dark Denials and Despicable Damage: Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault in America (2017), and On These Mean Streets, People are Dying: Police and Citizen Brutality in America (2019). She is currently working on other book projects that examine terrorism in the US and human trafficking. She has also received a McNair Center grant to study the impacts of Hurricane Matthew on the resources and well-being of residents in the Pee Dee region. Her work also appears in numerous other books and journals, and she has conducted workshops and presentations at a variety of professional conferences.

Courses Taught: 

SOCI 306: Social Problems
SOCI 331: Environment, Power, and Opportunity
SOCI 346: Crime and Organizations
SOCI 347: Alcohol, Drugs and Society
SOCI 349: Hate Crimes and Terrorism
SOCI 374: Work in Society
SOCI 388: Disasters and Extreme Events
SOCI 407: Urban Sociology
SOCI 419: Population and Society