Dr. Scott Kaufman

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Dr. Scott Kaufman

Professor of History

Office: FH 207
Phone: 843-661-1550


Dr. Kaufman, Former Chair of the department is a Francis Marion University Board of Trustees Research Scholar, joined the Francis Marion University staff in 2001. He is the author, co-author, or editor of twelve books on diplomatic, presidential, and military history, including Project Plowshare: The Peaceful Use of Nuclear Explosives in Cold War America (Cornell University Press, 2013), Ambition, Pragmatism, and Party: A Biography of Gerald R. Ford (University Press of Kansas, 2017), and The Environment and International History (Bloomsbury, 2018). Currently, he is working on a comparative history of the Panama and Suez canals.


PhD, Ohio University, 1998

Courses Taught: 

U.S. History to 1877

U.S. History since 1877

The United States in the Era of World War II

The Vietnam War

The History of the United States in World Affairs

U.S. Military History

The History of the Future