Dr. Meredith Reynolds

Photo of Meredith Reynolds

Dr. Meredith Reynolds

Professor of English

Office: FH 121
Phone: 843-661-1568

Meredith Reynolds joined the FMU faculty in 2008. She is a medievalist, interested especially in Sir Thomas Malory. She is a regular attendee at SEMA (Southeastern Medieval Association) and ICMS (International Congress on Medieval Studies). She is also the Director of the Writing Center.

For fun, she loves movies, both good (Mad Max: Fury Road, Atomic Blonde, A Room with a View) and bad (Tremors, Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid, Mammoth, Sharknado 1-3 and 5 [not 4: it was just plain awful]). She also loves to cook, to bake, and to hang out with friends. Finally, she owns four cats—Layla, Boo, Harley, and Cow—who are regular sources of both frustration and amusement.


PhD, Baylor University
MA, Winthrop University
BA, Converse College