Dr. Dillon S. Tatum

Photo of Dillon Tatum

Dr. Dillon S. Tatum

Chair, Department of Political Science & Geography
Assistant Professor of Political Science

Office: FH 133
Phone: 843-661-1632


Ph.D.  George Washington University

M.A.  George Washington University (Political Science)

M.A.  George Washington University (Middle East Studies)

B.A.  University of Arizona

Dr. Tatum specializes in international relations and teaches Introduction to Political Science, as well as upper division courses in international politics, including: Introduction to International Relations, Political Violence and Terrorism, and Political Movements and Revolutions. His research interests focus on international relations theory, global social and political theory, and security studies—particularly regarding issues relating to the liberalization of world politics. Dr. Tatum is currently finishing a book manuscript that examines liberalism’s connection to international political violence since the mid-nineteenth century. His work has been published in numerous public outlets, including on Salon.com, Duck of Minerva, and e-international relations, as well as presented at numerous national conferences. In his spare time, Dr. Tatum is likely at the gym or reading comic books.