Dr. Paul B. Zwiers

Photo of Paul Zwiers

Dr. Paul B. Zwiers

Associate Professor of Biology

Office: MSB 201D
Phone: 843-661-1654

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University of Maryland- College Park
Ph. D. Biology, 2009

Research at The Center for Conservation and Evolutionary Biology, Smithsonian Institution

Westminster College
B.S. Biology, 2000
Music Double Major

University of the Virgin Islands
Semester Abroad, fall of junior year

Courses Taught:

BIO 105
BIO 115
BIO 106
BIO 103
BIO 104

Research Interests:

I am fascinated by what I see around me. I like to understand why one species looks like or does this, while another species looks or does something different. I am interested in how natural selection pressures (such as diseases) may influence the evolution of a trait, such as the immune system, within a host species. I am also interested in how sexual selection (i.e. mate choice) influences the evolution of traits. In some instances, natural and sexual selection affect the same trait. Take for instance the immune system. You would expect that host’s immune systems evolve to best protect the host. You might also hypothesize that females would choose males with a “good” immune system, so those genes are passed to her offspring. Testing these hypotheses in wild systems is of great interest to me, and can help explain how the evolution of disease, immunity, and mate choice are intertwined.