Fall 2014

Program Requirements

The official FMU academic catalog lists program requirements and course offerings. The department’s course offerings and requirements for majors/minors will change beginning with the Fall 2014 semester. 

Many exciting new courses have been created and will be offered in rotation. Required courses are arranged in nine blocks. 

The new curriculum should not cause anyone delays in graduating. Students with questions about the new curriculum are urged to contact Dr. Johnson, Chair of the Department (cjohnson@fmarion.edu).

Special Topics Courses

Course descriptions for special topics courses, special sections, and 400-level courses often change each semester and typically aren’t included in the Academic Catalog. Descriptions for such courses offered during the Spring 2014 semester are provided below. Select “learn more” to access the complete course description and other pertinent information.

ENG 330 (Special Topics in Literature): Business Literature, a.k.a. Biz Lit
Dr. Hanson
Business Literature opens a rich resource to students concerned with their careers. Selections from fiction, literary nonfiction, poetry, and drama provide insights into trade and trade-offs, labor and management, professional pitfalls and potential recoveries. Discussions of business ethics, grounded in the literature, encourage forward-thinking analysis of the roles and dilemmas faced by those who work to make a living. Learn more.