"Literature is equipment for living."

Burke, Kenneth. The Philosophy of Literary Form.


The Liberal Arts program provides the traditional course of study in literature and language arts. Through nine “blocks” of study, students gain experience reading, writing, and researching in the field of English, allowing for both a wide overview of literary history and in-depth studies of specific periods, writers, and critical approaches. The track’s 37 hours in upper level literature and language equip students for life after graduation.


Block 1: Fundamentals (9 hours)


300 Foundations for Literary Studies
308N Survey of British Literature
309 Survey of American Literature

Block 2: British Literature before 1785 (3 hours)


326 Medieval British Literature
327 Renaissance British Literature
328 Neoclassical British Literature
426 Rise of the British Novel
427 Advanced Study in British Literature Before 1785

Block 3: British Literature after 1785 (3 hours)


332 The Romantics
333 The Victorians
334 Modernism
335 Contemporary British Literature
433 The Nineteenth-Century Novel
434 Advanced Study in British Literature After 1785

Block 4: American Literature (6 hours)


342 Writing in Early America
343 American Romanticism
344 American Realism and Naturalism
346 Modern American Literature
347 Contemporary American Literature
348 African-American Literature
349 Literature of the South
350 American Women Writers
352 History of American Drama
443 The American Novel
444 American Poetry
447 Advanced Study in American Literature
448 Advanced Study in African-American Literature

Block 5: Shakespeare (3 hours)


361 Shakespeare

Block 6: World Literature (3 hours)


362 Mythology and Literature
363 World Literature: Beginnings to 1650
364 World Literature: 1650 to Present
365 Modern Drama
466 Advanced Study in International Literature

Block 7: Language, Rhetoric, and Theory (3 hours)


306 Development of Modern English
310 Modern English Grammar
421 Gender and Public Rhetoric
465 Advanced Study in Critical Theory and Literature
467 Advanced Study in Language, Rhetoric, or Theory

Block 8: Electives (6 hours)

Students may take two courses from Blocks 2, 3, 4, 6, or 7 OR two of the courses below:

366 Creative Writing: Literary Nonfiction Workshop
367 Creative Writing: Fiction Workshop
368 Creative Writing: Advanced Fiction Workshop
370 Creative Writing: Poetry Workshop
371 Creative Writing: Advanced Poetry Workshop
372 Creative Writing: Playwriting Workshop
382 Special Topics in Literature
383 Film, Genres, and Styles
384 African-American Film History
385 Sex, Gender, and Literature
491 Senior Seminar
497 Special Studies

Block 9: Capstone (1 hour)


496 English Capstone Experience

Create, Engage, Thrive

Liberal Arts students take their skills to the campus community. Our majors can practice their talents, gain valuable work experience, and apply what they’ve learned by becoming a part of some of our clubs, events, and campus services. You can: