Spring 2014

Complete departmental course offerings and course descriptions can be found in the 2013-2014 Academic Catalog.

Course descriptions for special topics courses, special sections, and 400-level courses often change each semester and typically aren’t included in the Academic Catalog. Descriptions for such courses offered during the Spring 2014 semester are provided below. Select “learn more” to access the complete course description and other pertinent information.

English 251: Introduction to Film Studies
Dr. Smolen-Morton
Students will explore the development of Western cinema and analyze films as diverse as District 9, The Wizard of Oz, The Help, and NosferatuLearn more.

English 252 (Section 2951): Reading and Writing Fiction, Poetry and Drama
Ms. Taylor
Students will compose song lyrics as part of a creative writing assignment; students in a music production course will create musical compositions for a select number of songs. Learn more.

English 330 (Special Topics): Modernism and Gender: Macho Men, Mama’s Boys, and the New Woman
Dr. Veenstra 
A survey of modernist literature with an emphasis on exploring factors contributing to evolving notions of masculinity and femininity in light of historical events, psychological theories, increased visibility of homosexuality, and other factors. Learn more. 

English 411: The Rhetoric of New Media
Dr. Kunka 
This professional writing course exposes students to the rhetorical dynamics of writing for new media, focusing on issues of writing for the web, the relationship between design and text, image production, visual rhetoric, audience appeal, and professional ethics in online environments. Learn more.

English 425: Self-Deception and Grounds for Belief in Victorian Fiction
Dr. Cowles
The Victorians have long had a reputation as hypocrites whose actions could never come up to their high standards and beliefs. They also faced new, daunting doubts about their most cherished worldviews and institutions. In examining several Victorian novels, students will consider: Which Victorian versions of “truth” is really true, and what standard can we use to decide? Learn more.

English 465: Advanced Study in Critical Theory and Literature
Dr. Cowles
Explores traditional ways of reading and interpreting (primarily formalism) as well as more contemporary perspectives (deconstruction, postmodernism, and cultural studies). Students have the opportunity to choose other approaches to investigate, such as feminism and gender studies, critical race theory, Marxism, myth and archetypal theory, ecocriticism, or psychoanalytic theory. Learn more. 

Gender Studies 200: Gender and Power
Dr. Rooks
Many English majors seek a minor or collateral in Gender Studies. Gender Studies 200 is a required course for the minor or collateral. Learn more.