August 3, 2017

Gallery Series: Land Escapes by Sue Mulcahy and Claire Hampton

Gallery Series: Land Escapes by Sue Mulcahy and Claire Hampton

August 24, 2021 @ 8:30 am – September 30, 2021 @ 5:00 pm
Adele Kassab Art Gallery, Peter D. Hyman Fine Arts Center
4807 E Heyward Dr
Florence, SC 29506
Joe Sallenger

Land Escapes by Sue Mulcahy and Claire Hampton

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Susan Mulcahy has been a practicing artist and educator for over 40 years.  Originally from Buffalo, where she received a B.F.A. from Daemen College, she received her  M.F.A. from Wayne State University, Detroit . She now lives in Nashville and is Professor Emeritus of Art, Volunteer State Community College.

“My abstract images are an exploration of the mysteries of life. In poetry, it is in the things that are not said, that truth lies: the space between the lines, the underlying rhythms and structures. My images operate in much the same way. If my audience is touched, it is through their own exploration.

“I am often asked where these images come from. I would have to say that, through the act drawing, I find them. I don’t have a vision in my mind as I begin. At most there is a kind of conceptual or emotional direction in which I move. If the drawing becomes too self-conscious, I put it aside until I am able to respond to it in a more honest way.”

Originally from Louisville, KY, Claire Hampton has resided in Tennessee for 46 years and taught at a community college for most of that time. She holds a BFA with an emphasis in printmaking and an MA in drawing and painting from Murray State University in KY.

“I am interested in levels and structures of consciousness, environmental issues and the feminine principle. Lately, my process has been changing to explore layering, both in drawing and painting, and my imagery has begun to emphasize visual relationships over realism.”

August 24 – September 30, 2021
Monday-Friday, 8:30am- 5:00pm