May 8, 2020

He wasn’t planning to stay, now he’s a Patriot for life

He wasn’t planning to stay, now he’s a Patriot for life

Old hands at Francis Marion University can stop reading right now. You’ve heard this one before.

It’s the one about the student who came to FMU “for just one year,” planning to transfer when that was done, and wound up never leaving.

It happens a lot, at FMU.

It happened to Darnay Wilson, at native of Johnsonville, S.C., and a member of FMU’s class of 2020.

“I’m was kind of the old cliché,” Wilson says. “My original plan was just to do a year at FMU, see what the college life is like, then transfer to my ‘dream school’.”

But after just one year at Francis Marion University, Wilson knew he’d found the college of his dreams right in his own backyard. Now he’ll graduate from the FMU School of Business with degree in Supply Chain Management.

“I was completely sold after that first year,” Wilson says. “I fell in love with everything about FMU. From my dedicated and personal professors, to the student body, and even the campus police. My  favorite thing about FMU is the overall culture that makes you feel like you’re home.”

Wilson says his time at FMU has prepared him to take the first steps in what he believes will be a long, prosperous career in his field.

“FMU, and more specifically the School of Business, has placed me in situations that have grown my experience before I even graduated,” he says. “Whether it was presentations, managing formal dinners, or touring event setups,  FMU has me ready and I’m grateful for that.”

Being from such a small, rural town as Johnsonville, Wilson says the personal touches FMU provides is enough to make anyone feel like they’re more than just a number while getting an education that makes a real difference.

“It really is a tight knit community and family where bonds deepen has you progress thru your FMU career,” says Wilson