The Kelley Business Institute is designed to develop start-up business through available resources, dedicated office space, and focused assistance. An extensive application process would ascertain the viability and sustainability of the business prior to entering the facility. A pool of candidates would be evaluated and accepted during the same period to create a cohort model when possible. Once accepted, the business is eligible to be located in the incubator for one-year. During this period, the incubator client will receive a variety of services and support from the staff, including direct business counselling, technical support, professional development training, and referrals to program partners in addition to access to the facility amenities.


Each cohort will include up to 6 incubator clients who will undergo an extensive selection process to demonstrate the viability and potential for success.  Business plan development, weekly training sessions during the first twelve weeks, milestone completion assessment and pre-launch preparation are all integral components for every client experience.  Additionally, individualized client services and support will be provided as determined by their specific needs and services.  Training topics during the incubation period will include but not be limited to fundamental business planning, marketing analysis, leadership, resource development, financial management & reporting, regulatory responsibility, milestone development and recordkeeping.


Prior to the launch of each client from the incubator, a post-launch schedule would be developed to continue to provide support services beyond the one-year incubation period. The services can include operational reviews, financial assessment, strategic objectives, and tactical approaches to business challenges.  During this period, the client will be meet with Kelley Center staff on a regular basis.


The staff of the Kelley Center will provide business technical assistance to non-incubator clients in the area of business plan development, resource identification and other business services as needed such as marketing and management.  In order for the facility to be recognized as a small business hub, professional development training opportunities will be offered that utilize facility staff, faculty, and external experts.  Topics will include both general business functions and specialized sessions focused on contemporary issues facing business owners.


The staff will work with officials from the City of Florence to support economic development efforts. These services will include market research, investor/developer assessment, financial analysis, market viability and other areas as needed.  This collaboration will provide the city with readily available resources to ascertain the capacity and viability of potential developers and prospects.