Welcome to Francis Marion University! We’re so glad you chose to be a part of our pre-nursing program. Below, you’ll find links to information that will show you how to review your very first Francis Marion course schedule. You’ll also find information about our pre-nursing program.


1) You may not register for more than 17 hours.

2) Once you’ve reviewed the courses you are enrolled in, you may leave. We’ll see you soon!

Have you been placed in Math 111?
Here are two sample plans of study for you.

Have you been placed in Math 105 or Math 110 + Lab?
Here are two sample plans of study for you.


Patriot Portal 101

A brief introduction to Francis Marion University’s Patriot Portal.

Patriot Portal 101  

Patriot Portal Registration Tutorial

The step-by-step guide to using Francis Marion’s Patriot Portal.

Patriot Portal Registration Tutorial  

Sign into Patriot Portal

Sign into the Patriot Portal to view your schedule — and, if necessary, make changes to it. To sign into the Patriot Portal, use the username and password associated with your FMU Gmail account.

Sign into Patriot Portal  


Pre-Nursing Advising Checklist

Here’s a list of the pre-nursing prerequisites you must complete to be considered for entry into our Nursing Program.

Pre-Nursing Checklist  

Sample Pre-Nursing Plan of Study

Here, you’ll find a sample pre-nursing plan of study. It will give you an idea of what your freshman and sophomore course schedules will look like.

Pre-Nursing Plan of Study  

SC Technical College Course Equivalencies

This guide will show you what SC technical college courses will transfer into Francis Marion as pre-nursing prerequisites.

SC Technical College Course Equivalencies  

The Complete Guide to SC Technical College Transfer Course Credits at FMU

The Francis Marion University Transfer Credit Guide, found on pages 21-24 of the document linked to below, helps prospective students understand what courses are considered transferable to FMU from any of the 16 South Carolina technical colleges. Please keep in mind that even though a course may transfer to FMU from a technical college, there is a possibility that it will not be an FMU pre-nursing prerequisite.

Complete Guide to SC Technical College Transfer Courses  

South Carolina Transfer and Articulation Center Website

This website will help you understand what courses may or not may not transfer to FMU from various four-year universities. Please note that the site is NOT comprehensive and that the Francis Marion University Registrar makes the final determination as to whether your transfer courses will fulfill the required pre-nursing prerequisites.

SC Transfer and Articulation Center Website