Welcome to the Parents’ Corner! I have posted some information that I hope will be useful to you. There are TIP SHEETS, EXTERNAL LINKS, and highly recommended BOOKS & WEBSITES. If you have additional information or resources that you would like to see posted here, please email me at fhughes[at]fmarion.edu. Thank you!

~ Dr. Farrah Hughes


Below are “tip sheets” designed to give you helpful information about a variety of parenting issues. These documents are PDF files, so you will need Adobe Reader to view and print them. To download a free copy of Adobe, click here. If you have questions about the information contained in the tip sheets, just send me an email.

Want the skinny on managing children’s behavior? Check out our parenting booklet and CEMC videos (videos in the CEMC are available for FMU students and alumni to check out and view in the FMU Media Center):

Quick Tip: Want your child to behave better? Try using “labeled praise” to reward the behaviors that you like. (Praise is a FREE reward!):

Need to get your child to bed so that you can have some time to yourself? Check out these tip sheets on sleep issues:

Concerned about helping your child grow and learn? Try these:

Are you attempting to potty train your child? Here are some tips:



  • Start Smart Florence: Sponsored by The School Foundation of Florence School District 1, this website has quizzes that parents can take to assess their child’s readiness for kindergarten, as well as a wealth of resources. This website is available to all parents, regardless of where they live.
  • Text4Baby: Sponsored by National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition, this website contains resources for expecting and new mothers, and it also allows expecting and new mothers to enroll in a text messaging program. They will receive 3 text messages per week: critical health and safety tips timed to baby’s age up until baby’s first birthday!
  • Free Printable Behavior Charts: This site contains tools for tracking and rewarding appropriate behaviors in your child. It has everything from potty charts, to printable stickers, to Feelings Charts, which can help you teach emotional awareness to your child. This site also has links to lots of other great parenting websites.
  • 100 Ways to Have Fun With Your Child… for free or cheap! Check out this web page for lots of ideas when you need some inspiration. These tips are easy on the wallet, too.
  • Richardson Center for the Child: The Gail and Terry Richardson Center for the Child is located on the FMU campus. This website contains information about the childcare program (infants to preK-4), as well as links to other sites regarding early childhood education.
  • Triple P America: This is the website of the Positive Parenting Program (Triple P).

  • Lighthouse Ministries: “A Source of Light In Times of Darkness.” This ministry has outreach programs for working mothers seeking their education. Their website can be accessed by the link above, or by calling (843) 629-0830.
  • FMU Career Development Office: The Office of Career Development is designed to assist FMU students with finding employment. It is located in the FMU University Center and staff can be reached at (843) 661-1676. This office has a wealth of information about finding a job and developing a resume, and they can help you assess your interests and skills, too!
  • FMU Office of Counseling and Testing: FMU students can receive free counseling at the Office of Counseling and Testing. Also, students who have learning difficulties or educational needs should access the services of this office. They may be reached at (843) 661-1840. Their office is located adjacent to campus in the Education Foundation Building.
  • Young Parents in College”: This article appeared in a college magazine that is published by the Rochester Institute of Technology. You might find that this article rings true for you!
  • Carolina Family Planning Center: “We Have A Solution.” This Center in Hartsville, SC offers resources and support, such as pregnancy testing, counseling, parenting skills, birthing coaches, and housing for women in crisis. Their website can be accessed by the link above, or by calling (843) 307-1552.

  • A Choice 2 M8K: “You Had Plans… A Baby Wasn’t One of Them. We Can Help.” This abortion clinical alternative in Florence, SC offers testing, counseling, and other services. Their website can be accessed by the link above, or by calling (843) 669-4673 (HOPE).



Check out the highly recommended books and sites below! The books’ links are to Amazon.com, but they can be purchased at any major retailer.