June 10, 2019

Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Manager

*Full-time job opening with “Lizard’s Thicket” in Florence, SC

Position: Restaurant Manager

*BA/BS can help qualifications; must have customer service and leadership experience

Job Description
In this position, you work hard to make sure our team works cohesively and that our restaurant runs smoothly. You will use your excellent leadership skills to train employees and ensure that they are well taught in their role at Lizard’s Thicket. You will encourage team building and always be willing to work to ensure efficiency, quality food, and exceptional customer service. You monitor food preparation, portion sizes, and dish presentation to ensure that all served items are prepared and presented beautifully under our restaurant’s standards. You will encourage our team, and use your fantastic communication skills to motivate employees while providing constructive feedback. You will have some administrative duties which will include hiring, training, and scheduling of front and back of the house staff. You are responsible for ordering all inventory, including food and equipment, as well as ensuring all restaurant equipment is maintained. Your problem-solving abilities will assist you to resolve any customer complaints that might arise. You’re positive attitude, leadership abilities, and managerial experience will ensure your success.

*See link for job details and application directions.