May 17, 2018

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant


Student Worker Employee Position


Today’s Date:            12 May 2018

Position Title:            Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

Department:             English

Hours/Week:             2-4 hours/week

Start Date:                  First week of every fall and spring semester

Pay Rate:                   $7.25/hr for a new employees

                                      $7.75 if you have a year’s experience

                                      $8.25 if you have two years’ experience

 Hours:                        Vary

 Description of Duties:

 Primary responsibilities are to attend studio sessions, assist students in the Studio with their work throughout the writing process, collaborate with instructors, complete and file lab paperwork, and participate in training events with other UTAs.  Additionally, instructors may include UTAs in other instructional activities, such as sharing a short lesson with students or visiting the lecture section of their course.


 All eligible candidates must have completed English 102 or 200 by the start of the Fall 2018 semester.  You must be a full-time student to work for pay in the English 101E Studio.

 Federal Work-Study (FWS) eligibility required:  ______           FWS not required:  ___C__

 To apply, contact:  Dr. Catherine England

 Additional Instructions:

 Fill out an application (attached)


 12 November & 12 April of every year for upcoming semester