The research and resulting datasets would not have been possible without the time afforded by a Francis Marion University sabbatical and funding received from the university’s Professional Development Committee, the university President’s sabbatical research fund, and a Harry M. Lightsey, Jr. Visiting Scholar Award granted by the Belle W. Baruch Foundation. I am very grateful for the support and remain committed to maintaining the online dataset of Belle Baruch’s personal checks so that academic and public audiences can learn about the extraordinary life and significant contributions of Belle W. Baruch.

I would like to acknowledge the support of many colleagues, friends, and students who have assisted with this lengthy project. They include:

  • Dr. Fred Carter, President of Francis Marion University
  • Board of Trustees, Belle W. Baruch Foundation, Hobcaw Barony
  • George Chastain, Executive Director of Hobcaw Barony
  • Lee Brockington and Richard Camlin, Education Coordinators, Hobcaw Barony
  • Mary E. Miller, biographer, and Anthony Curto, attorney to Belle Baruch
  • Rachel Thomas Stearns, BWB Foundation secretary, & Anne C. Johnston, Baruch family nurse
  • Julie Warren, Georgetown County Librarian & Janie Williams, FMU graphic designer
  • Stu and Karen Slifkin, Hobcaw Barony Volunteers
  • Dr. Rahul Renu, Associate Professor, Francis Marion University
  • FMU Students: Grant Toth, David Guess, Kim Boswell, Corey Parker, Summer Bradham, Brandi McBrayer, Caroline Shelley, Tanisha Thompson, Courtney Turner, Taylor Powell, Josiah Cameron, Sophia Bass, Kyle Bramlett, J’Naya Breeden, Antwan Gamble, Loreal Anderson, Hunter Brown, Megan Power, and additional students who worked on associated class projects in Advanced Business Communication classes
22 Hobcaw Road
Georgetown, SC 29440