Introducing the Patriot Portal at FMU

The Patriot Portal, a cloud-based space that provides secure access to important information for students, faculty and staff at Francis Marion University. The information available to each user is specific to that user. Faculty and staff will use the Portal to complete a number of tasks related to the business of the university, and to access information related to their employment.

For FMU students, the Portal is a one-stop shop for all academic and informational needs, including registration, class schedules, financial awards and more.

Students gain access to the Patriot Portal by using the existing username and password associated with their FMU G-mail account.

Creating Your Patriot Portal Account

Students gain access to the Patriot Portal by using the existing username and password associated with their FMU G–mail account.

For security’s sake, initial access to the Patriot Portal is a two–step process. Once complete, students can access both their FMU G–Mail account and the Patriot Portal using the same username and password.

Accessing the Patriot Portal

On any web browser, on any device connected to the Internet, go to the following link:

(Note: A link to the Patriot Portal is also available on the FMU website at in the header titled “Patriot Portal”)

Choose FMU Student.

Log-in to the Patriot Portal using the username and password you use for FMU G-mail account.

Users leaving the Portal after a session should log-out completely. To do this, click on the user name in the upper right hand corner of the browser and select “Sign out.” After completing this step, close the browser to complete the logout process.

Using the Portal - Students

The Patriot Portal provides users with access to information about financial aid, class registration, housing; links to commonly used FMU websites; and much more.

Vital materials and access to information necessary for students is included in the suite of buttons at the top of the page, including links to register for classes, access financial aid information and pay university fees.

Additional information, specific to each Portal user, will arrive through announcements and notices of coming events.

The Patriot Portal also offers users an opportunity to personalize their site.

Patriot Portal Help!

For help obtaining FMU student credentials or logging in to the Portal, contact the FMU Office of Admissions at 843-661-1231 or 800-FMU-7551. For help with class registration, contact your advisor.

To recover a lost password, visit the FMU Password Manager.

For step-by-step instructions, click on either of the buttons below.


There currently isn’t a way to order text books directly through the Patriot Portal online, but you can do so through the bookstore website. A link to the bookstore website can be found below  and on the Portal main page under “Campus Links” on the right-hand side of the page.

Once on the bookstore site select “FALL 2019” under the Term drop-down menu, select the department in which your course resides, the course number, and the section number.

You may also visit the Bookstore in person in the Smith University Center on campus and an employee will help find your required textbooks.