Career Center

Career exploration and advancement

A comprehensive, educational approach to career development

The Career Center supports the educational goals of the University mission statement by providing a comprehensive, educational approach to career development.

Specialized services, programs, and strategies are designed and targeted for FMU students and alumni. Some of these services and programs include the following:

  • Proving personalized career counseling
  • Critiquing resumes
  • Guiding career exploration
  • Teaching job search strategies
  • Organizing job fairs

In addition, the Career Center also provides specialized services, programs, and strategies designed and targeted to assist FMU faculty, FMU student organizations, and the employers and recruiters with whom we work.

The Career Center plays an integral role in the blending of the academic, personal, and professional development of our students, while providing a link for students to the world of work.


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Upcoming Events


Francis Marion University’s Career Center is pleased to introduce Handshake, a professional networking site connecting students and alumni with employers.

Handshake users can design profiles to convey academic accomplishments, work experiences, and career goals. The site will connect FMU students and alumni with a wide array of internship and job opportunities from multiple industries.

Students may also make appointments with Career Center staff via Handshake. Please see the link below for directions on how to make an appointment.


The Career Center assists students, alumni, faculty, and employers. Our staff can assist with resume critiquing for students and alumni.

In addition, students and alumni can also create Handshake profiles and connect with prospective employers.

Our office also provides many other services covering all aspects of career and degree information.

  • Faculty can schedule staff members for presentations and workshops to help their students learn about writing resumes, creating cover letters, and gaining more information on interviewing.
  • Employers can use our office to promote job listings, post positions on Handshake, and view student resumes.

By making an appointment with staff members in the Career Center, students can discuss potential job targets and gain useful insights about what employers are looking for in their resumes.

In addition, a staff member can provide students with sample resumes and advice on how to improve your resume.

Not only that, but staff members can also assist in developing curriculum vitae and other materials associated with finding the perfect job or graduate school for you.

The Career Center encourages students to use Handshake (free of charge) for guidance in locating internships and jobs from an array of industries seeking many majors. Students can access Handshake via the student portal (the same location for Blackboard access).

The more relevant information included on Handshake profiles— including uploading a current resume and listing key words that impress prospective employers— the better opportunities students have of finding job openings. Career Development can assist students in updating Handshake profiles so that they are professional and targeted to specific employers.

Please make an appointment to receive specific, one-to-one guidance.

Visiting our office can help you choose the career path that you want.

Our staff can assist you with using the online KUDER Journey platform to explore your personal interests, abilities, and values as they relate to the work field and different areas of study.

Our staff can then help you navigate through other areas of the program including sections on occupations, further education, and preparing for the job field.

With all of this information and the information you share with the staff member, you can rule out some majors and determine a few majors that may be a good choice for you.

Ultimately, choosing a major is your decision. However, this process leads you to the point where you are to make that decision.

Each fall and spring the Career Center hosts Career Fairs. Many employers from different job fields attend this event. Students and alumni seeking internships, part-time/summer work, and full-time employment can benefit from attending these career fairs.

Our office also advertises various career events via Handshake.

The Career Center can provide ideas about where and how to begin your search. In preparing all those job applications, our staff can assist with creating your personal resume and help answer questions about job applications.

Our staff can also inform you about starting salaries and the expected time it will take for you to find a job after graduation.

Not only that, but our office posts job listings— both local and national opportunities— via Handshake.

In addition, on-campus Career Fairs provide students with access to employers in the community and throughout the state for on-campus interviews.

If you still have problems during your job search, call our office and schedule an appointment to speak with a staff member about some job hunting strategies and materials.

The Career Center is available to both students and alumni.

Our office continues helping with your job search and resume as long as you need assistance and throughout your career.

To apply for any job you will need to obtain a job application from the employer.  The application should inform you about the items you need to complete.

Many times you can expect to need both an application and resume. Other jobs may ask also ask for a copy of your transcripts and a cover letter expressing your interest in the position.

In applying for the job, be certain that all the required materials are completed and mailed several weeks before the closing date to ensure that all your materials are available to the employer.

If you need assistance with any of the materials, make an appointment with our office today and our staff will be certain to answer all of your questions.


Location: Founders Hall 220
Phone: (843) 661-1676


Monday-Friday: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday-Sunday: CLOSED


Dr. Deon C. Evans

Career Center Director

Office: FH 220

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Janice Smith

Administrative Assistant - The Career Center

Office: FH 220
Phone: 843-661-1676

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Dr. Jennifer L. Kunka

Associate Provost for Advising, Professor of English

Office: FH 220
Phone: 843-661-1520