Dear Patriots,

Welcome back to another semester at Francis Marion University. I hope each of you has experienced a great start to the semester. I am honored to be serving as your Student Body President for the 2022-2023 school year and look forward to another impactful and rewarding year. Francis Marion has been my home away from home for three years now and a place that I hold close to my heart due to all of the valuable lessons and memories I’ve obtained while studying here. Whether you’ve just started your first semester or powering through your last one before you cross the stage, the memories you make on this campus will be ones that you’ll look back on as you stride towards your next goal. For this reason, I am excited to have the opportunity to make this year a remarkable one. I look forward to continuing to embrace and maintain the diversity on campus, continuing to expand social and academic clubs, as well as advocating for our students on and off campus. I am a firm believer that through teamwork and communication, significant change arises. I could not ask for a better student body to serve. Let’s have another amazing year at Francis Marion!

Paula Patron-Garcia
Student Government Association President