Sports Management

The business side of the sports world is immense and with a B.B.A. in Sports Management, you can find yourself at the center of it.

You might find yourself working with a professional team such as the Charlotte Hornets, Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Braves, professional sports leagues such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NASCAR, WNBA or MLS, or college and university athletic apparatuses.

You also could be employed by sports marketing firms working in a variety of positions, like as a sports economist, front office personnel, or in the media relations fields.

The Management department, within the School of Business, has a faculty dedicated to the success of our students. With small class sizes, students get the opportunity to interact with faculty, enhancing the learning experience.

A sports management degree offers a unique level of flexibility for career options, such as:

  • Special Events Coordinator
  • Director of Operations
  • Player Relations Coordinator
  • Athletics Director
  • Tournament Director

Sports Management majors should have good people skills and enjoy working with others to solve problems.

Sports Management Major Track

  • Completion of the B.B.A. Common Requirements – 102 hours
  • Required courses – 18 hours
    • MGT 352 – Organizational Behavior
    • MGT 353 – Human Resource Management or MGT 373 – Business Analytics
    • MGT 359 – Employment Law and Labor Relations
    • BUSI 467 – The Business of Sports
    • BUSI 496 – Sports Industry Capstone