Today’s dynamic, global business environment provides a variety of challenging and rewarding career opportunities for those who study marketing.

Personal selling, marketing research, product management, international marketing, advertising and marketing management are among the many career options for marketing professionals.

The marketing program provides students with the skills needed to seek employment in these fields. Students will learn the basic principles of marketing with an emphasis on the importance of coordinating all business functions, including product, price, promotion and distribution in order to meet customer’s needs.

Students will then expand on this basic knowledge with courses in consumer behavior, marketing research, international marketing, marketing communications and personal selling. A course in marketing management, which incorporates material from the previous courses into a cohesive whole, concludes the program.

You have three tracks to choose from

The professors in the marketing department believe in the value of experiential learning. Many marketing courses require a final project that allows students to apply theoretical concepts learned throughout the semester to the business environment. Throughout their experiences in the marketing department, students are also provided with opportunities to learn and practice communication skills that will prove invaluable in the business environment.

In addition, the Marketing Management capstone course allows students to work for actual clients from the business community. Projects require identifying the client’s marketing needs and providing solutions through written and verbal presentations. These experiences and skills can be added to students’ resumes to provide them with an advantage in a competitive job market.

B.B.A. with Major in Marketing Strategy

Collateral in Marketing

  • For students seeking a B.B.A. degree, a Marketing collateral consists of the following:
    • Select four (4) from the following: – 12 hours
      • MKT 333 – Marketing Research
      • MKT 334 – Consumer Behavior
      • MKT 336 – Digital Marketing
      • MKT 337 – Digital Marketing Analytics
      • MKT 339 – Marketing Communications

Quick Facts: Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers

2017 Median Pay

$129,380 per year

$62.20 per hour

Typical Entry-Level Education

Bachelor’s degree

Work Experience in a Related Occupation

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On-the-job Training


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