Systems Design

With a degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) you hold a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.).

As a business major, you will have the ability to identify business problems. As an MIS major you will have the ability to design, develop, and implement technical solutions to these problems.

The Management Information Systems: Systems Design track focuses on developing business students with strong programming skills.

The program focuses on software and system design and development with the emphasis of developing majors who have strong business skills and can work as a business applications programmer and interface between the business client and the computer science programmer.

Systems Design Track

  • Completion of the B.B.A. Common Requirements – 102 hours
  • Select three (3) from the following: – 9 hours
    • CS 190 – Programming Fundamentals
    • CS 226 – Programming and Algorithmic Design I
    • CS 227 – Programming and Algorithmic Design II
    • MIS 225 – Modern Programming
  • Select two (2) from the following: – 6 hours
    • CS 313 – Systems Design and Development
    • CS 340 – Software Design and Development
    • MIS 447 – Data Base Management
    • MIS 467 – E-Commerce
  • One (1) School of Business or Computer Science elective – 3 hours