Systems Management

With a degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) you hold a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.).

As a business major, you will have the ability to identify business problems. As an MIS major you will have the ability to design, develop, and implement technical solutions to these problems.

The Management Information Systems – Systems Management track is focused for students who want to examine how technology can be used to access, store and share information to help our lives run more smoothly.

Management information systems and services majors are prepared to solve problems at the intersection of business and technology. They explore ways to use various technology-based processes to help businesses and organizations operate more effectively and better serve their customers, staff and bottom line. To create and maintain innovative solutions, management information systems and services students rely on strong problem-solving, time-management and analytical skills.

These majors are sometimes confused with computer science majors, but the two areas of study are unique. While computer science majors focus on creating software programs and are typically enrolled in mathematics departments or science and engineering schools, management information systems and services majors are more focused on organizing the connections between information, people and business operations.

Systems Management Track

  • Completion of the B.B.A. Common Requirements – 102 hours
  • Required courses – 15 hours
    • MIS 225 – Modern Programming
    • MIS 337 – Business Systems Analysis and Design
    • MIS 347 – Business Data Communications
    • MIS 447 – Data Base Management
    • MIS 467 -E-Commerce
  • One (1) School of Business or Computer Science elective – 3 hours