ANTH 343 - Archaeology of Southeastern U.S.

Credit Hours: Min: 3; Max:

Description: This course focuses on the historical archaeology of the Southeastern United States, with an emphasis on South Carolina. From the Contact, Antebellum, and Postbellum periods this course centers on the role that material culture played in the past. Particular attention is placed on the importance of slavery and race as foundational institutions in the Southeast. Additionally, students will have an opportunity to gain hands-on experience learning how to process, analyze, and preserve artifacts from Friendfield village, a 19th-20th century African-American community in Hobcaw Barony, Georgetown, SC. One 100-level history course or permission of department is prerequisite to all history courses above the 299 level. Credit cannot be received for both ANTH 343 and HIST 343.

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