ECED 321 - Methods Teach/Assessing Prim Math

Credit Hours: Min: 3; Max:

Description: This course is designed to introduce the undergraduate teacher candidate to the quantitative needs of primary students and to the structure of the primary mathematics curriculum. Candidates will develop pedagogical strategies and teaching techniques that address primary students' quantitative needs. Candidates will be introduced to a variety of hands-on and manipulative (concrete and virtual) materials to help primary students understand different mathematical concepts. Instructional methods will accommodate the learning styles of both teacher candidates and primary students, meeting their individual needs and helping them achieve respective learning goals. This course could require up to 15 field experience hours in a local public school. A current SLED background check must be received and approved by the FMU School of Education. Students should check the "News and Announcements" webpage for specific SLED background check deadlines:

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