EDUC 380 - Intro to Exceptional Students

Prerequisites/Corequisites: Take 1 group (Take EDUC-310 EDUC-311 /Take EDUC-391 EDUC-392(2974) or EDUC-393 /Take EDUC-393 EDUC-434 or EDUC-436). (Required, Previous or concurrent).
Credit Hours: Min: 2; Max:

Description: This course is designed to provide pre-service teachers with the theoretical bases and practical experiences to work with exceptional needs students who are included in regular classrooms. Experiences will include exposure to, discussion of, and implementation of an IEP (Individualized Education Program). This course should be taken in the semester just prior to student teaching and could require up to ten (10) field experience hours in a local public school setting. To complete the field experience hours, a current SLED background check must be received and approved by the FMU School of Education. Students should check the "News and Announcements" webpage ( for specific SLED background check deadlines.

No periods were set for this course