EDUC 723 - Early Intervention: Strat Spec Needs

Credit Hours: Min: 3; Max:

Description: A goal of early intervention is to prepare students to effectively provide, at the earliest juncture possible, appropriate treatments and accommodations for children presenting special needs. This course addresses theory, practice, and federal and state legislative support for programs for special needs children during the pre-school and primary years. Emphasis is directed toward support services to families as well as the affected children. Attention is given to children who exhibit risk factors for or characteristics of mild to moderate developmental delays, high incidence disabilities (educable mental disability, learning disability, speech disorders), and low incidence disabilities (sensory losses, orthopedic disabilities). The needs of children who exhibit cognitive and other developmental traits above the normal range are also considered. Students analyze, interpret, and identify critical configurations of scores within psychoeducational and informal evaluations; consequent interventions are formulated.

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