EDUC 759 - IEP Development & Transition Stud w/ LD

Prerequisites/Corequisites: Take EDUC-760 EDUC-761. (Required, Previous). | Take EDUC-762. (Required, Concurrent).
Credit Hours: Min: 3; Max:

Description: This course will emphasize the basic principles of IEP development and transition practices for teaching students with learning disabilities which will include interpreting psycho-educational reports to develop appropriate goals and objectives for IEP development; understanding how differentiated instruction and best practices relate to IEP development and goal mastery for students with learning disabilities; creating and adapting appropriate student performance assessments for IEP goals; understanding how Universal Design for Learning relates to successful IEP goal mastery as a method of accommodating and modifying instructional strategies for teaching students with learning disabilities; and introducing common transition practices for students with learning disabilities.

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