EDUC 769 - Case Study,Small-Group, and Action

Prerequisites/Corequisites: Take 1 group (Take EDUC-611 EDUC-621 EDUC-624 EDUC-648 EDUC-637 EDUC-638 EDUC-639 EDUC-745 EDUC-746 EDUC-760 EDUC-761 EDUC-763 EDUC-764 /Take EDUC-611 EDUC-621 EDUC-622 EDUC-624 EDUC-637 EDUC-638 EDUC-639 EDUC-737 EDUC-745 EDUC-746 EDUC-760 EDUC-761 EDUC-762 EDUC-763 EDUC-764). (Required, Previous).
Credit Hours: Min: 3; Max:

Description: This course will address research paradigms for studying students with learning disabilities, and for investigating the nature and extent of change in public educational systems. The emphases of this course will include designing and implementing small group studies for students with learning disabilities, as well as critically evaluating the contributions and limitations of published research that use these investigative approaches. Students will also become proficient with appropriate electronic tools for gathering and analyzing data, including qualitative information on students with learning disabilities.

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