EVCL 103 – Woodworking

Schedule: Tuesdays, 4pm

Location: FMU's PAC Scene Shop, 201 S Dargan St, Florence, SC 29506 | open in Google Maps

Faculty: Dr. Christopher Johnson | cjohnson@fmarion.edu | 843-661-1518

Credits: 3

This course focuses on traditional woodworking techniques. Throughout the semester, students will learn to use various hand tools, including planes, chisels, and saws. Special attention will be given to forming hand-crafted dovetails, a type of joinery that has been used for centuries to make sturdy, durable casework, boxes, and drawers. Students will have an opportunity to complete several small projects, including a handsome storage box.

No previous experience is required, and the techniques covered in the class require little physical strength.

Christopher D. Johnson is a professor of English and woodworking enthusiast.

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