PSYC 506 - Behavior Analytic Approaches to Staff Tr

Prerequisites/Corequisites: Take PSYC-501. (Required, Previous).
Credit Hours: Min: 1; Max:

Description: This course reviews research-and-data based approaches to supervising and training students and staff to conduct behavior analytic assessments and implement behavioral interventions. In particular, this course reviews the rationales for providing supervision, evaluation of supervision effectiveness, and risks that arise from inadequate supervision. Course content also includes developing global performance expectations, using skill assessments to generate goals for staff, and using data-based strategies to facilitate performance improvements. An emphasis is placed on developing individualized strategies for performance improvement that are informed by functional assessment and determination of variables influencing student/staff performance, implemented and optimized based on performance data; and that utilize effective feedback and reinforcement contingencies. The readings are comprised of a selected chapters from a textbook and journal articles relevant to training and supervision in Applied Behavior Analysis.

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