PSYC 700B - Adv. Psyc Intervention Practicum

Credit Hours: Min: 1; Max:

Description: Students enrolled in PSY 706 must be concurrently in this practicum. This practicum involves conducting developmental, neuropsychological and psychoeducational evaluations. This includes gathering developmental, medical, educational and other relevant background information, assessing a child's environment, interviewing the parent(s), care givers, educators and other relevant individuals, and using this information to select an appropriate assessment battery. The student will demonstrate the ability to properly administer, score and interpret the information from the instruments administered within the context of the other information gathered. The student will be able to provide a written and oral report of his/her findings in a concise and respectful manner. To gain these experiences the student may be assigned to a psychoeducational, mental health or developmental clinic or a school system. A minimum of 50 clock hours is required per practicum.

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