PSYC 700C - Adv. Psyc Intervention Practicum

Credit Hours: Min: 1; Max:

Description: Students enrolled in PSY 703 and 714 must be enrolled concurrently in this practicum. This practicum involves advanced knowledge and skills in interviewing, observation, clinical problem- solving, treatment planning and intervention development, individual therapy, group therapy, direct intervention, and indirect intervention/ consultation experiences relevant to the specific course to which the practicum is attached. In addition, this practicum may involve advanced experience in assessment, intervention development, intervention implementation, and intervention evaluation when the intervention is implemented through others such as parents, teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators, agencies, and systems; implementation of the stages of consultation within the context of various consultation models. Organization development and evaluation activities also are emphasized. Students may be assigned to psychoeducational, counseling and/or mental health centers for this experience. A minimum of 50 clock hours is required per practicum.

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