PSYC 709 - Consult. W/ Diverse Communitie

Credit Hours: Min: 3; Max:

Description: The purpose of this course is to provide professional skills that will help students to support diverse learners by strengthening the partnerships among families, schools, and communities. Students will also increase their knowledge, skills, and expertise in the most up-to-date information on effective family, school, and community interventions with diverse populations. There also will be an overview of theoretical assumptions and concomitant assessment and treatment strategies associated with the major models of family therapy, including cognitive-behavioral, Bowenian/family systems, object relations/psychodynamic, structural, and strategic. Specific emphasis will be placed on working with families using group and individualized behavioral parent training models (e.g., Triple P, PCIT, Incredible Years, etc.). Finally, students will learn to select, implement, and evaluate the effectiveness of evidence-based family, school, and community interventions.

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