ENG-497-CE1 – True Crime, Mostly Murder

Schedule: Mondays, 6pm-7:45pm

Location: Leatherman Medical Education Complex (LMEC), Room 206

Faculty: Dr. Beckie Flannagan | rflannagan@fmarion.edu | 843-661-1516

Credits: 3

We live in an age of 24/7 news cycle, so at just about anytime, day or night, you can read about yet another true crime. Since Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Murder of Marie Roget” which tried to re-construct a real crime in fiction, readers/writers/thinkers have been interested in the macabre and its intersection with crime. Why do people do the things they do? How do people get caught? Who are the heroes? Why do we want to read every last, gory detail? In this evening class, we will read some classic true crime texts, as well as some new folks who are entering the genre. We’ll look at how the writer gathers data, as well as how writing (and thinking) about true crime affects one’s worldview. We will also watch some true crime documentaries outside (and during class), as well as listen to podcasts that have proliferated concerning true crime.

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