Our Mission

The mission of the Francis Marion Staff Advisory Committee is to foster open communication between staff and administrators and to ensure that staff suggestions and recommendations are made known to the President.  The committee encourages open dialogue and comments on issues relevant to the successful operation of this institution.



Who We Are

The Staff Advisory Committee is a diverse group of individuals chosen to represent each area of the University. The committee works diligently throughout the year to ensure that any FMU staff member in need is assisted through their Holiday Campaign. The campaign annually raises funds to assist fellow staff members with medical costs and unexpected expenses that may occur due to extenuating circumstances.

We're here to lend a hand

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The annual tradition of giving to the FMU Holiday Fund helps support our friends and co-workers by making funds available for emergencies and other special needs during the holidays.


Because of your on-going support of the FMU Holiday Fund,

the Staff Advisory Committee was able to assist our FMU family with multiple needs over the past year.


But we can’t do what we do without you!

Giving to the Holiday Fund is easy.  Simply complete the form below begin helping a coworker in need.

Submission of this form authorizes the amount requested to be deducted from employees paycheck. Employee will be contacted to ensure authenticity.

Know of a coworker in need?

Request for Assistance

Please complete the form below to request assistance from the Staff Advisory Committee. Nominations are accepted throughout the year.

Staff Advisory Committee Representatives

Photo of Brigid Kennedy

Brigid E. Kennedy

Human Resources Manager

Office: SAB 105
Phone: 843-661-1144

Photo of Janice Smith

Janice Smith

Administrative Assistant - Career Development

Office: FH 220
Phone: 843-661-1676

Photo of Katherine Barnett

Katherine Barnette

Design Project Coordinator

Office: SAB 101
Phone: 843-661-1224

FM Mark in Red and Blue

Tony Lester

Lead Groundskeeper

Office: WHSE
Phone: 843-661-1152

Photo of Marcy Turner

Marcy Turner

Senior Library Technical Assistant - Serials

Office: RL
Phone: 843-661-1312

FM Mark in Red and Blue

Haieasha Singletary

Senior Account Financial Reporting

Office: SAB 103
Phone: 843-661-4630

FM Mark in Red and Blue

Maria McCormick

Administrative Assistant -Mathematics

Office: LSF 409Y
Phone: 843-661-1589

RepresentativeContact Info.Coverage Area
Brigid KennedyExt. 1144
Administration: Campus Technology and Human Resources
Marcy Turner

Maria McCormick

Provost: Provost Office, College of Liberal Arts, School of Business, School of Education, Library, Enrollment Management, Department of Nursing
Tony LesterExt. 1152
Facilities: Facilities Management, Building Maintenance, Custodial Services, Grounds Maintenance, Shipping & Receiving
Haieasha SingletaryExt. 1129
Business Affairs/Others: Accounting, Financial Services, Dining Services, Patriot Bookstore, Purchasing, Public Safety
Janice Smith

Ext. 1676
Student Affairs: Student Life, Housing, Health Services, Counseling & Testing, Career Development, Campus Recreation Services
Katherine Barnette
Ext. 1224
President At-Large: Development / Foundation, Communications Services, Athletics, Community Relations